May 24th, Independence day for Eritrea. 11 years and counting...

Today is the Independence day for Eritrea (an East African country), it has been 11 years since Eritrean fighters won the final battle for the (now capital) city of Asmara agianst the Ethiopian Army in 1991. At that same day Eritrean fighters (along with other Ethiopian rebels) took down the communist “Derg” regime in Ethiopia. 2 years later on 1993, a UN soponsered referendum was held in Eritrea with 99.7% supporting independence out of 98% of Eritreans voting.

This day marks the ending of a 31 year long war of independence for Eritrea. Happy Independence Day Eritrea!

Awet n’ Hafash.

For more info on Eritrea go to, or the government’s website of