May 30 - Line of Fire Movie Event

Did anyone else catch the two hour “series wrap up” of Line of Fire last night? I thought it was great!

I particularly liked Jonah’s reaction to his wife’s rape and her reaction to his reaction! In some perverse way, I was a little disappointed the rapist was dealt with so easily. This is a show which broke the hands of a football player, and kicked a guy tied to a chair off a pier. A simple shot in the head seems almost a kindness from a person like Jonah Malloy

Line of Fire was introduced last winter during NYPD Blue’s Tuesday timeslot. It was a fairly gritty show pitting the FBI against the local mob family. I really enjoyed the show and was disappointed when I heard it wasn’t going to be renewed for the next season. I’m glad they showed the final unaired episodes as a “movie event,” it was actually a pretty good ending point for the series.

The show had a great cast, particularly Leslie Hope (Lisa Cohen) and David Paymer (Jonah Malloy). It’s just sad that a show of that caliber is not renewed, when dreck like “According to Jim” gets another season. On a positive, I wanted to cut down on my TV watching anyway, with Buffy and Line of Fire off the air, Tuesday is once again a “nothing on TV night” for me. (If I had cable, I would watch The Shield, though).

I watched the first half before switching over to an “Angel” rerun that I had never seen. I wasn’t aware that it had been cancelled; that’s too bad.

I enjoyed but I kept wishing for more characters to be killed off. Of course I knew it was the last episode (apparently there is one more episode that will remain unaired) but they didn’t know when they made it.

From the previews they made it look like (actually they outright said) the mob and the FBI were going to actually work together. So I assumed the Malloy’s would help the FBI track down the shooter while the FBI helped track Larry the rapist.

I really liked the scene with Jonah and his wife where he blames her fo the rape to cover up his own insecurity about not being able to protect her.