May I be very un-PC and tell the truth re: Hilton?

As anyone with a half of brain knows, in the good old US of A there’s a major double standard as to how the races are treated in the media. And so I highly suspect that the powers that be behind the scenes, i.e. Rupert Murdoch, Satan and Ted Koppel, ect., have been taking too much heat for something that’s been slowly gathering legs on the Internet, and thus they pulled some strings and did this whole Paris Hilton thing in order to get the Al Sharpon’s of the world to create diversion so their sorry bacon won’t be seen for what it is.

Oh, and by all means, flame me good and hard for being a “racist” on account of the way I see things! :eek:

I didn’t waste any time with your links (I have dial-up, and would never see them anyway), but if by “race” you really mean “fame/money/celebrity”…

aw, hell. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about…

Are you serious? You link to a video “brought to you by” and expect anyone to take you seriously?

Two white kids raped, tortured and murdered by 4 black guys. The Satan controlled liberal media suppressed the story (we all know how they hate reporting the death of attractive white girls) and are using Paris Hilton to fight the internet legs, I guess.

You seem to have started a lot of fairly… loopy threads recently, GuyNblueJeans, (I’m thinking of the screening parents and the AIDS research ones, specifically), but I’m going to respond to this semi-seriously anyway.

Your point is presumably that Paris Hilton, a white girl, is being excoriated in the media over relatively minor crimes compared to these brutal black criminals, who so few have heard about. But this is hardly a race thing, as Gatopescado points out. The reason you hear so much about Paris Hilton is not because she’s white, but because she’s a media whore in the first place; you certainly don’t hear much about random white schlubs and their DUIs. You couldn’t possibly; it’s just far too frequent and common an occurrence for anyone to care.

Which, sadly, is pretty much also the case with the more serious crime you are referring to; horrible crimes happen every day, and there’s nothing particularly intrinsically catchy about this one to make us wonder why it hasn’t gotten so much media attention. Sure, the killers were black and the victims were white, but there’s no evidence that the crime was racially motivated, so why impose a racial angle on it? Lots of black people commit horrible crimes you don’t hear about, lots of white people commit horrible crimes you don’t hear about. That’s just the way the world is; there isn’t enough time or interest in anyone’s life for us to hear about every horror that goes down unless it’s particularly noteworthy in some way; beyond that, it’s just the vagaries of chance which crimes you’ve heard of and which crimes you haven’t.

The other web site mentioned in the video is equally charming (govvn dot com). The catchphrase is

Vanguard News Network
No Jews. Just Right.

One of the comments is for a white power rally in Knoxville.


See? I don’t need no stinkin’ high-speed! I can only jerk so fast anyway…

So…are you saying the media, by not reporting on this hate crime, is protecting black people who commit crimes? I genuinely don’t understand what you’re getting at.

I do understand that the link provided prominently displays an Aryan supremacy group’s website. That’s just kooky, man. That’s like saying the media protects gays and linking to Westboro’s website.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

The media has been keeping Paris Hilton on the front pages because they don’t want you to know about “the worst hate crime in history”. And they don’t want us to know about it because…

Hey, there’s no need to jump on their backs just because they’re un-PC! Don’t “flame” them on account of their seeing Jews as evil! :eek:

Is this some sort of pun on VNN’s part? I mean, it looks like that’s supposed to be clever in some way, but I can’t figure it out. I mean, it’s pretty brazenly anti-semitic either way, but without even the cooling touch of attempted humor or wordplay or something, it’s just ridiculously over-the-top in its upfrontness.

(I can see that “Just Right” might have to do with being right-wing, but it’s the “No Jews” part that confuses me)

So that’s what that was… I couldn’t decide if it was or what, but the other site reached out and smacked right in the face with the stupid glove.

Oh, how quaint. also trucks in Holocaust denial. This just gets better and better.

Interesting company you keep, bro…

This is the 2nd thread where you’ve brought up Ted Koppel. May I ask what your beef with him is? Just curious.

Huh. I would have thought a site with a name like that would be all too eager to claim the Holocaust occurred.

It couldn’t have anything to do with Koppel being Jewish, could it?

It’s a bit too easy to beat up on you here, and you’re clearly getting enough of it as is, but I can’t help but noting how it makes me laugh to think of Satan sitting around in hell, worried about what people on the Internet might be coming to think of him and having to create a diversion via Paris Hilton tabloid fodder.

…because if we were to find out, we’d see pogroms that would make Kristallnacht look like a church social, or something, I guess.


The claim, as I understand it, is that the media self-censors reports of blacks committing crimes against whites, for fear that the “PC brigade” will brand such reports racially inflammatory, and out of a belief that blacks “can’t be racist,” so black-on-white crime cannot be racially motivated. If it were white-on-black crime, the argument goes, it’d be plastered all over the media, condemned universally; it is, they say, a double standard.

I believe also that there was a thread about this elsewhere (either here or GD) and it was dismissed as nonsense there too.

Edited to add: Isn’t Ted Koppel, like, retired or something? Not on TV anymore? So what does he have to do with anything?