May I have a moment of your time, scott evil?

Regarding your post and my response in this thread.

We get it already. Somebody lectured you about safe sex in response to an OP that didn’t particularly call for it. In the couple of months or so since that happened you have refused to let the issue die,

We get it. Now shut the fuck up about it already.

Is that a little harsh? Quite possibly. But you have made the point, ad nauseum, in multiple threads, ever since you first took offense at a couple people’s reaction to your OP. You’re being obsessive about it, and it’s time to stop.

Besides, making the same old point in the linked thread is pretty well pointless anyway, since the second goddamn reply was precisely the kind of safe sex lecture that you’re bitching about being aimed predominantly at gay posters. In other words, what the hell are you doing claiming there’s a double-standard in that thread?

You’re an interesting poster, scott, and quite a lot of what you write is good stuff. May I strongly urge that moving on would be a very welcome step on your part?

Oh, and your response in that thread?

I wasn’t offended by the safe sex warning. Hell, I barely even noticed it was there until you showed up, like clockwork, to remind everyone how terribly offensive you find such things.

I’m merely sick and tired of your broken record act.

What the hell crawled up your ass and died?

A dead horse. Quit beating on it.

Oh, and TWO people mentioned safe sex.

It just seemed kind of spiteful, that’s all.

Grudges are bad, mmmkay?

I too have seen a couple of these posts from him. I guess I look at it differently.

To begin with, he seems to be an attention junky. If there was anyone back then who appeared to be getting a charge out of that thread being alive, and actually seemed to be enjoying the bickering and arguing, it was Scott.

Take that, and add the fact that it was probably his most visited thread around here to date, and not much since from his has registered on people’s radar, and maybe it’s less to do with his anger, and more to do with his vanity.

Dunno, but gotta wonder why he says at the end, “Discuss… in another thread.”. Typo, or someone wanting to relive and revive days gone by?

Sorry, but it seems every time I post something remotely involved with gay sex, I get bombarded with safe sex crap from people who probably don’t even practise it, thinking they’re somehow immune because they’re “str8” and HIV/AIDS is a gay thing. Fuck off. Yes. it struck us first, because of biology and immunonology.

The point I wanted to make was, had I posted the same thing in the Pit or anywhere else, I would have been pounced upon, as I have been in recent memory. IMO, a sexually-active gay man probably has more safe sex info than a self-proclaimed str8 “slut.”

I know the drill. So stop trying to drill into me. I have HIV+ friends. Do you?

The horse is far from dead, Guin.

Cnote: What-fucking-ever.

All I ask is that the use of str8 stop. It’s just stupid.

But really, it was kind of stupid to bring it up there.

Or at least in such a nasty tone.

Sheesh, don’t EVER visit El SAANo. And certainly not the sex forum. EVERY question of sex gets the “hope you’re using protection.” If anyone gets beaten over the head with it, it’s young stupid teeny boppers who shouldn’t even be having sex in the first place.

You prefer ‘breeder?’


Here’s the original thread, in which the subject was discussed quite extensively and quite reasonably. Considering that his point was that it’s annoying as all get out to get bombarded with safe sex hijacks, wouldn’t it be lovely if scott were capable of practicing what he preaches?

And here’s one safe sex hijack, though I recall that there are at least a couple more. Did something crawl up Euty’s ass and die too, Hastur?

Great jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick, I don’t care whether or not anyone practices safe sex, and I certainly agree that safe sex lectures from strangers are generally condescending bullshit. Well guess what, scott? So are yours, only they’re actually worse because of their extra helping of pettiness. Cut it out.
Hastur, I frankly prefer that you not belittle anyone’s sexuality. Despite your smilie, it’s not funny.

Huh? Euty didn’t even post in that thread?


Get a life.

No I’m going to have to agree with Scylla that it’s imperative that everyone use condoms (especially Scott) as often as possible. It really can’t be repeated often enough that people contemplating having sex (including Scott) need to practice safe sex and use barrier protection like condoms. We need to remind both the straight and gay dopers (like Scott) that life is a precious gift and condoms are the shield against infectious dangerous diseases.

Condoms are God’s way of saying “Be safe human kind, I don’t want you die any sooner than you have to!”

You just can’t say it enough.

I think people should wear condoms all the time-sort of full body condoms.

Sorry Guin, wrong thread. Try this one instead.

Hastur, though I am astounded by that amazing comeback of yours, I’m afraid I’m going to have to chalk you up as a total jerk if you insist on using, even jokingly, a derogatory epithet for another person based on their sexual orientation. If suck behavior is wrong for a homophobic fucktard, it is also wrong for you.

Could you get over yourself?

Spare me the righteous indignation and save it for someone who deserves it.

“such behavior,” of course. Sheesh, where’s Dr. Freud?

What I’m saying, Hastur, is that you do deserve it.

As one of the protagonists of the whole safe sex debate, may I ask people to kindly knock it off now? The whole debate has really gotten out of hand at this point and has now become yet another wedge to split up dopers into warring camps. Scott Evil needs to chill out and stop hijacking threads of people who weren’t even party to this whole mishegoss. And Hastur, you’re not helping.

To quote from Jesus Christ, Superstar (the movie, not the original album):