May Kansas become a sinkhole.

The Kansas board of education voted today to remove evolution from its curriculum as the principle underlying biology.

Christian fundamentalists succeeded in Kansas where they had failed in Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia and Nebraska. “The Kansas Board of Education rejected evolution as a scientific principle Wednesday” ( ). In its place, nothing. No underlying principle, just “the natural process of speciation formerly known as evolution”, I suppose.

Rejected evolution as a scientific principle?


Thag say Creationism rules!

Gee, maybe they could legislate away gravity as the underlying principle for why things fall down. Angels pushing the planets around the heavens deserves to be granted equal time to atheistic “gravitism.”

And all along I thought Dorothy and Toto shared DNA.

How long before this gets thrown out by the supreme court?

evolution will be replaced with the ancient Egyptian creation theory.This year,next year Hindu,followed by…
665 +1=667 Hello will be replaced by heaveno devils food cake will not be served in the cafeterias More importantly Kansas will produce no scientists or doctors.There is no ‘may’ to it Kansas WILL become a sink hole.

The governer of Kansas promised to support an initiative to abolish the school board if they passed the new curriculum. Any bets on if he’ll do it?

I feel sorry for Kansansianites (whatever the hell they’re called) who don’t have a problem with evolution. “Hey, are you from Kansas?” “Nope, not me. Nuh uh. Not Kansas. Other state. Not that one. Ha Ha Ha. Never been there. Wouldn’t want to.”

Are you from Alabama? Who me? Why? Just because I am buying all these, uh, these,…

It’s good news; I actually hope it goes through.
That way, Kansas will become a total laughingstock. Their universities will be shunned by research dollars and forsaken by academic heavy-hitters. Many corporations will refrain from moving into such a clearly backwards area, costing them jobs and taxes. And as it has been stated, people will be embarassed simply to admit they are natives.
My point is, if people just sit back and allow the religious busybodies (RBs) to run Kansas into the ground, setting that state back 100 years just so they can force their tired mythologies into a few more hapless kids’ heads, the eventual backlash will free us ALL from that same RB menace. (RBs infect every community, even yours.)

Apparently logic has also flown out the window:

I dare them to try and prove that God exists. In fact, I double-dog dare them. If they want to teach creationism, let them push for a voluntary religious studies course.

“I’m not confused, I’m just well mixed”
–Robert Frost

Praise God. :slight_smile: Wow. Praise God!


Only Adam would want to be associated with Kansas. Sheesh.


He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice - Albert Einstein

Sure I would. Hey, I think it’s awesome that the school is getting rid of evolution in the classroom. Perhaps, one day, they’d put prayer back in schools too. ALL schools.

Actually, MORE importantly, maybe Kansas will produce more people who know that God created the heavens and the earth.

Wait, are they going to teach creationism in place of evolution? I should hope so. What this country needs is more men, and women of God. Not more scientists, or even doctors. Of course, if you are a doctor, AND a Christian, then that’s the best combo. :slight_smile:

Just let me off at the next corner …

God help me deal with ARG220…

No, they won’t be teaching creationism in its place, from what I’ve heard. Even people in Kansas aren’t stupid enough to think that silly-ass pseudoscience is worth teaching.

Does it concern you at all that teaching creationism to elementary schoolchildren would be like teaching flat-earth physics or white supremacist genetics? That, no matter how strongly you believe in them yourself, all you’re doing is creating a bunch of children who are hamstrung educationally, who will require a major paradigm shift if they get to some heathen university in the hope of dragging themselves out of the backwater and may come to feel real resentment at you for forcing a political (note: not religious, ARG) agenda down their throats?

Tell me, how is it that millions of people learn about and accept evolution without losing their faith?

Kansas: the new banjo country.

Dernhelm: << I dare them to try and prove that God exists. In fact, I double-dog dare them. >>

Dern, my understanding is that they are NOT trying to teach “creationism” (they know the courts would eventually kill that), but they are trying to drop evolution.

BTW, one reading of the proposal is not that they stop teaching evolution, but that they drop the word “evolution.” Don’t wanna allow them naughty four-letter words creeping into the school curriculum. What? More than four letters? Sorry, I went to school in Kansas, I can’t count beyond four.

The logic that says that “evolution is only a theory and therefore should not be taught as fact” works for me. Similarly with the theory of gravity, number theory, and any theories of sociology or psychology.

All science should be taught in schools as “this is the current theory; it explains this, has trouble with this, and replaced this theory.” I have little faith that evolution will survive on a technicality. The spirit of the new curriculum is apparently to dodge the issue entirely: if we can’t say something creationist about our origins, we won’t say anything at all.

You know, it takes a real muttonhead not to be able to appreciate a complex idea – like , hey, maybe God created the evolutionary process.

That would be the same kind of muttonhead who thinks that God wants us to be ignorant sheep. Yep, that God, he gave us the power of thought and logic, but he doesn’t want us to use them. What he wants us to do, you see, is believe what other PEOPLE tell us he wants. Thou shalt not think for thyself. That would be the same kind of God who’s incapable of using imagery or metaphor in his literary works.

Sheesh. Or more to the point, ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!

“Owls will deafen us with their incessant hooting!” W. Smithers

I am with Adam on putting prayer back in the schools. I will even be the first to lead it, " Oh,RASTOGLATHE, Eater of Children,Raveger of Crops,Drinker of Souls, be with us on this day as we tremble in fear…" Adam, is it ok if my Bahai friend comes to lead a prayer?

Adam, have you so soon forgotten your apology, and your promise not to cram your religious beliefs down unwilling throats? Well, what do you call it when children–Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Moslems, atheists–are forced to undergo fundamentalist Christian indoctrination in school? Would you think it was terrific if it happened to be someone else’s religion that was being taught as the official dogma to public school students?

Where’s Phil when we need him?

just thought y’all might like to hear another example of the brilliance of our neighbors in kansas.

i live in vermont, where the state supreme court is currently ruling on same-sex marriages. a group of right-wing whackos from some “church” in kansas schlepped all the way up here to stand outside the courtroom holding signs proclaiming “God hates fags” (which, incidentally, is also their website, a truly sick place) and other, love-thy-neighbor type Christian messages.

i just love friendly christians!