Maybe GQ, but: duvets with columns, not boxes

I am trying to find a duvet/down comforter that only has columns, not boxes, because:

…my first was a gift from an Irish friend brought it to me from Ireland and that is how it was made. I loved it because I sleep hot and I like being able to shake all the feathers to the bottom when it’s too hot and to the top when I am cold. Not possible with boxes.

Them cultured European folk do it like that… does anyone know if there is a specific term for this? Or where they can be found?


Just on a whim I looked up “shakedown comforter” and got a description similar to what you’re asking for. Never heard the term before, but there you go!

Yeah, this isn’t really an art form. Moving to GQ.

What the OP is referring to are “baffle channels” vs. “baffle box”.