Maybe I Need a New Image

Over the weekend, it was breakfast time. Actually it was breakfast time twice over the weekend. Unless you had a long weekend. Or are retired. Or just don’t work for whatever reason. But for me, this weekend had two breakfast times. This is about one of them. Actually, it’s not about breakfast so much as me. This is about me. But it starts out at breakfast time. Over the weekend.

I didn’t feel like actually cooking anything for breakfast, so I decided on cereal. I could have made waffles, but I didn’t. Who knows how my life could have changed if I chose waffles that fateful morning? Who knows what simplest of changes in a persons day could have the biggest impacts? The Shadow? Nope. He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but he can’t plot out alternative time lines. Instead of waffles I had a bowl of cold cereal. The cereal itself wasn’t cold, it was room temperature. The milk was cold, it was refrigerator temperature. The milk in the cereal made the cereal cold, so in the end, well actually about the time I started eating it, it was cold. Once I got it all in a bowl.

We needed to run the dishwasher, so all the regular bowls were dirty. So I couldn’t just grab a regular bowl, a default bowl. We have a few other bowls to choose from in the bowl cupboard. Plates are also in there, so it’s not just the “bowl cupboard”, it’s the general “dishes cupboard”, but I was looking for a bowl. You can’t eat cold cereal off a plate, now can you? I guess you really could, but I didn’t want to. I wanted a bowl.

So I grabbed a cereal-looking bowl. Not that the bowl looked like cereal, it looked like rock actually. It’s one of those old “rock bowls” with B.C. characters printed on it. They gave them away at a gas station a long time ago. Then the little Woman found a “rock bowl” and a “Grog mug” (not for grog, the rum drink, but with Grog, the other B.C. character cast right into the side of the mug) at Goodwill. All for fifty cents. What a bargain.

Only the “rock bowl” didn’t hold as much cereal as I wanted. Really, it’s a little puny for a cereal bowl. So I reached into the cupboard and pulled out a bigger bowl. A manly man sized cereal bowl. It’s a bowl sized like those coffee cups the cool and hip people drink coffee out of on TV. At least they say they’re drinking coffee out of them. It could be Fresca in there. How would you know? It’s just TV. Sometimes you have to trust them. But my bowl is a little bit bigger than one of those cups. So it was a goodly sized bowl. Like I said, a manly man sized bowl.

With Winnie the Pooh characters printed all around it.

Later that day I had to take some videos back to the video store. Since it was a little chilly, I put on a jacket. My jean jacket. The symbol of rebellion since forever. A jean jacket. How cool was I?

My jean jacket is the same color as Winnie the Pooh.

At first glance, the word “cockshy” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’m trying to work “cockshy”, Winnie the Pooh and a jean jacket into some kind of coherent sentence, but I fail.

Anyway, I have bowls a’plenty in the swampcave. I don’t know why though. I mean, I am one person living there but have 24 bowls, 24 plates, 24 luncheon plates (like regular plates but smaller), 24 littler plates (like for bread or dessert), 24 cups and 24 saucers. I also have 12 salad plates. (if I had 24 people for dinner half wouldn’t get salad. I am a bad host.) I also have 24 forks, ( actually 24 dinner forks and 24 salad/dessert forks, so that’s 48. If there’s salad and dessert, then save your salad fork, provided you were one of the lucky 12 to get salad, for dessert) 24 knives (actually 24 steak knives and 24 butter knives, so that’s 48), 24 regular spoons, 24 soup spoons, 24 iced tea spoons and all kinds of weird serving spoons, forks, pie servers, etc. I got a lot of stuff. I also have wine glasses, water glasses, martini glasses, iced tea glasses (also good for soda and lemonade), and a bunch of mugs. So there’s plenty of stuff to eat off of and eat with in my house.

It was a nice weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon by the pool.

-swampbear (fully stocked except for salad plates)

I don’t know about a new image, but I can say, in all honesty, that halfway thru your cereal ramble, I got all confused. Then I got lost. Then I ended up with an image of you in a orangey-gold demin jacket, and that hurt my head.

I didn’t eat cereal this weekend, but I wanted a piece of cheese toast on Saturday. We’ve got a toaster oven, so I put in a slice of whole wheat bread with two slices of cheese on top - that way I’d get toasty, melty goodness. However, due to the cruelties of gravity, as I was removing it from the toaster oven, there was a flip and a flop and it landed, cheese side down, on my paper napkin.

Cheese doesn’t release napkins very readily. It wasn’t pretty. But it tasted OK.

And now that I think of it, the cheese was Pooh-color too!

We had cereal and winnie the pooh at casa tanookie this weekend.

The munchkin has developed an affinity for dry frosted mini wheats?! She passed up cookie crisp and fruit loops and cheerios and kix for a heaping cup of frosted mini wheats!

My mother came to visit and was busy extolling the virtues of the munchkin’s new work boots. They have Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on the side and there are flowers that light when she walks. My mother told her the little bear’s name is Pooh and my daughter ran around the house doing her little poo dance and trying to get ‘gwynee’ into the bathroom to poo.

What an unfortunate name for a bear.

Hey, co-limitaneous is a word! Neat!

spoiling things “A free throw, or “shy”, at an object set up for the purpose, for amusement”. O.E.D.

“Coctile” is a real word, too, but I’m afraid to find out what it means.

Important News Flash! We’re getting another cat! Everyone think, “Bailey, don’t kill the new kitty” thoughts in our direction! She’s a sixteen-week-old kitten named Clara, and the woman who adopted her can’t keep her because Clara and the owner’s 14 year old cat aren’t getting along. As I understand it, the ‘not getting along’ is all on the part of the old cat.

So everything is going to be very exciting for the next few weeks as she settles in. She’s dark tabby with black stripes, and she’ll go beautifully with Bailey’s white and orange. They’ll be able to cover both dark clothes and light clothes with visible cat hair.

Two cats and two people in a studio apartment. Oh boy.

Rue - I can not get a yellow-jean-jacketed Jon bon Jovi out of my head?

Why is that?

My jean jacket was hung up in 1988 when I graduated high school, only to be brought out on thanks-giving day games when I would be back at the school. Otherwise, to my knowledge it hasn’t been washed in 16 years. And I think the metallica pin is still on the collar. :slight_smile:

I’m not a breakfast person. But I did have dinner with GingeroftheNorth and Weirddave. That was fun. We played dominos, which I had never played before, and they beat me mercilessly. (At dominos, not physically.)

My 4 year old niece has recently taken to pouring condiments on her pets. She prefers chocolate sauce for the dog, and barbecue sauce for the kitties. She’s not really into Winnie the Pooh. Maybe that would be a good alternative for her.

I think you could rock out in a jean jacket, Rue. But I see you more in a jean jacket with pins and patches all over it. The Pooh color is a little image-alterating. Maybe you could get a cool button to put on it. That could change your whole outlook on life. :smiley:

I wanted to wear my jean jacket yesterday, too (it was perfect jean jacket weather), but it was upstairs (because, unlike Phlosphr, I wash mine occasionally) and I was downstairs, and I was running late to meet a friend (because I’m always running late), so I said, “F*** it!” (because I have a mouth like a sailor) and left with out the jacket.

The downside of that is that, later, Autumn told me my lips were purple but I wasn’t wearing lipstick. :eek:

  • Winter, parenthetically

Phlosphr, please, please tell me your jacket just is dark denim, or at the most has a stone wash. You’re not still wearing acid-washed denim with a Mettalica pin on it?!? 'Cuz, that would just be lame.)

Waaaaaay back in High School I had a white denim jacket. It wasn’t bleached or anything, it was just white. An off white actually, maybe an ivory or taupe. But it was a white jean jacket. I really liked it because all the other kids’ jackets were blue. Not mine. Nope, it was white.

Some of the kids made fun of my white jean jacket but I didn’t care. I liked it.

The next year everyone took their blue jean jackets and bleached the living crap outta them. So they were white. Like mine. Who had the last laugh? Me! The bleach ate out all the stitching in their jackets and they fell apart. So I was ahead twice.

Before that, in grade school I had a jean jacket. It was brown. I really liked my brown jean jacket too. But I got bigger, and oddly my jacket didn’t, so I had to stop wearing it.

I’ve have a couple of regular blue jean jackets. My Mom sewed most of them herself. Because she loves me.

In High School I got a lot (I mean a LOT) of those cheap little metal pins to go on my jean jacket. I was ahead of the curve on tht trend too.

I never had a pair of cowboy boots. Even though that was big there for a while. I don’t like cowboy boots. They have those pointy toes and I don’t have pointy feet. Also, why would I need cowboy boots? Like I’d be riding horses? No, I don’t think so.

The cereal I ate was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was good.
-Rue. (remembering jackets)

I had Jean jackets with Harley patches and square-toe boots (the boots’ toes were square, not my toes). DAYAM I was cool.

Come to think of it, I still have Jean jackets and square-toe boots. AND I’m still cool, well unless you ask my kids.

The Surb. (Remembering “The Day”).

I had Frosted Flakes on Saturday before I went and had a massage. The Gods are in their heavens and all is right with the world. That’s how I felt after the massage. Of course, on Sunday I had sore muscles because I was carrying around maybe 15 years of tension in my neck and shoulders, and you don’t get that to relax without releasing some toxins and engendering a little soreness. But it was a healing soreness and I highly recommend massages.

I also watched half of the 49er’s game on Sunday. I wanted to watch all of it (because I am a true fan and watch and love them even when they lose) but I couldn’t because Fox decided to switch games at halftime. What is up with that! I ran an errand at halftime and came back to sit and cheer on my team, and it was a completely different game! I don’t get all the 49er games in the first place, and so when one is on, I want to watch all of it–it that too much to ask?

Reading the thread title, I thought you wanted a new image for the SDMB, not IRL. See, 'cuz I had some ideas about that. Perhaps you could change your user name to one of:

Outfer DeDay Take a laid-back attitude.
Seize DeDay Be bold!!
Dat L. B. DeDay Taunt people mercilessly about their petty ambitions.
Back N. DeDay Allows you to reminisce about how good the boards used to be.
Doze Whirr DeDaze Same as above, really, but allows you to use the “royal we”.

Alas, they’re all wasted … :wink:

I put my cereal in the microwave.

Or you could be:

Moo Long Rue:Talk about dancing cows (that eventually die)

Rue Morgue: Ghost stories could be your specialty

Rue McClanahan: Allows you to turn every story into a memory of a romantic conquest.

Kanga and Roo: Standing up for the rights of Winnie the Pooh loving men (and women) everywhere!

:Pointing and laughing:

Oh, and while we’re talking about name changes, you need a boy name.

Ponder Stibbons - you cracked me up! Thanks for a much-needed Monday chuckle!

Cereal? For breakfast? Ugh, someone needs to explain to me how you can eat solid food before noon. I just poor me a glass a milk add some chocolate, not alot, just enough to make it light brown, and call it breakfast.

[sing song voice]
I am gonna get lai’d this week.

I fly to Hawaii on Wednesday and stay there for a week. For those of you thinking “deb is gettin some ro’man’ce”–stop it. I am going with my brother, which means we will just lounge by the beach, sightsee and eat. I have a friend who is from Hawaii and is getting married on Saturday in Waikiki, so I am gonna do that wedding thing.

So hopefully my image will be changed from a pale shade of pale (I might live in L.A., but I am inside working most of the time) to a little bronze and not to a bright red.

Bailey is currently fluffing and growling, and the new kitty isn’t being scared. Hands down, the new cat will win the fight for dominance.

We want to change her name. Any ideas?

People eat breakfast?! Seriously, breakfast consists of good, very strong, black coffee. Lots and lots and lots of it.

I did, however, break my fast with a nice, fresh blueberry bagel with cream cheese on it. Lots o’ blueberry goodness in it, it was so blueberry-ey that it was purple inside. Yummy, yummy.

I only have eight good cereal bowls; well, really they’re my soup bowls too, so I guess I’m a barbarian.

I never had a jean jacket, so I guess I’m just not cool; BUT WAY, WAY, WAY back in junior high and high school I had white jeans. That’s when they were cool. Now, they’re just, well, not cool.

My daughter’s cool, courderay(sp?) jacket is the color of Winnie the Pooh. I might just borrow her jacket, if I can get it away from her. It’s just way cool.

We all went to the very last weekend of Spanaway Speedway’s existence and watched the figure eight and other races. There were a couple of wreck, but nobody was hurt. Sadly, after 47 years of existence the land has been sold, and they’re going to build houses.

Taters-wishing she had a cool denim jacket now

Shut up Bruce_Daddy, you big dummy dumb-head. Nobody likes you because you’re a big stupid and you smell of wee. “Need a boy name” indeed!

Oh, I know! I’ll change it to Marrion. Or Hillary. Would you like that Bruce. Huh. (Dummy.)

I think you should name your cat “Sue” Lissla. No real reason, I just think so. Or “Motte”. You could name your new cat “Motte”. Then you’d have both Motte and Bailey.
-Rue. (look it up)