Maybe I should change my username?

Hey there Teemsters. I am back on the board after a prolonged absence, life got kind of busy. I see many familiar names and others I’m sure I’ll become familiar with soon!

Anyway I see that while I was gone frankD6 changed his name to AugestWest, which is pretty darned close.

So what do you guys think, will it cause confusion? I know it surprised me.

Augest/frank, if you want me to change it I will. I could always go back to my original name, ChiefWahoo

Hell it took a while before I could keep SHAKES and START clear in my head. I can guarantee that I will mix you two up.

You’re the one that was on Jeopardy!, right? I could try to remind myself that a Jeopardy contestant would remember the space between names :wink:

Oops, looks like you’re not the Jeopardy contestant.

Yep, I’m already confused.

[Obligitory Office Space Reference] No way. Why should you change? He’s the one who sucks.[/Michael Bolton]

*forgive me, New AugestWest Doper. Just couldn’t pass it by. :slight_smile: