ChiefWahoo is no more.

Hello fellow Teemsters!
After months of deliberation, I have changed my username from ChiefWahoo to August West.
My original name was a spur of the moment thing that I really didn’t think about too long because I didn’t think I’d be spending much time here. I was obviously very wrong.
So, for better or worse, my new SN is August West. If you’re nice about it, I’ll let you call me Augie.

Oh, and 10 Augie-bucks to the first person that figures out where the new name came from.


Any relation to Batman?

Hello to the poster formerly known as ChiefWahoo.

And thanks for giving me something to do this early in the morning. My guess as to the name - August West was a character in “Wharf Rat.” Now, where can I spend Augie bucks?

(p.s. Yes, I cheated and did a search on Google.)


My name is August West
And I love my Pearly Baker best
More than more my wine.

More than my wine
More than my maker, though he’s no friend of mine.


Good work, Gazoo!

Your 10 Augie-bucks are legal tender at State Street Brats in Madison when we all get together for the Wisconsin DopeFest this summer.

You’ll always be Goose Rugby Dude to me, August!

I’m glad for the name change, mainly because I liked you, and I, as a loyal Yankee fan, hate the silly Indians…

Yer pal,

dantheman gets 5 Augie-bucks for posting the relevant lyrics. His are good only at the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco.

Thanks, Coldie you’ll always be Crazy Window-Duck Story Guy to me! (P.S. Happy Birthday)

I like you too Satan, and I don’t like the Indians either. Unfortunately for me, I’m a Brewers fan.

Woo Hoo!! 10 Augie bucks worth of cold beer!!


Somewhere in San Francisco
On a back porch in July
Just looking up to heaven
At this crescent in the sky… in the sky.


Thanks for the Augie bucks! And if I’m ever in San Fran, I’ll know where to head :slight_smile:

dantheman, you beat me to it!!!

So, August West, instead of Augie-bucks, how about a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee?

(yeah, I know…you got no dime but you got some time to hear my story.)

BTW, in one of those home repair-type magazines I get, there’s an ad in the back to “start your own business as a chimney sweep…be an August West franchisee!”

Dire Wolf, I thought you might show up in this thread! Here’s an honorary Augie-dime for ya. The Dire Wolf {i]always* collects his due. :wink: Are there any other Deadhead usernames out there that you’re aware of?

An honorary Augie-dime!!! I promise not to take it over to that GQ thread and flatten it on the train tracks. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you just want poster names that are GD inspired, I only know of two: Rhythmdvl and Tie-Dye. There are also a few other posters who are Dead Heads (that I know of, anyway):

**Bottle Of Smoke, Cantrip, dantheman, DoctorJ, mailman, plnnr, retsin2000, uberDave, Ukelele Ike **

There’s also a poster named Stella Blue, and I would figure it’s from the song, but I don’t know for sure. Afterall, I figured ChiefWahoo would surely be an Indian fan!

There was a Dead-related thread a few months ago, in case you missed it:

Yeah, yeah, everybody beat me to the reference-nailing, too. What was wrong with just calling yourself “Wharf Rat” ? That’d be a cool UserName…

Maybe I’ll start another MPSIMS thread…“Pick Your Deadhead UserName!” Just call me Silk Trombone. Or maybe That Girl Barefootin’ Along. Or maybe Thirty-Two Teeth in a Jawbone.

‘bout most everything has been said. Nothin’ left to do but smile, smile smile :slight_smile:
ATTN: Wharf Rats are meeting in section G4… Wharf Rats are meeting in section G4….
Love the new name.