Maybe i'm just being too cynical... ("The Day After Tomorrow" movie thread)

For some reason I’ve got TDAT running as background noise while I’m gutting an iMac G5 to replace the logic board and power supply, i got to thinking about the events in that movie, specifically the aftermath of the MegaBlizzard…

Am I too cynical in thinking that Acting President NotCheney’s address to the globe would end somehow along these lines…

“It is now the Patriotic duty of all citizens of Earth to produce as much greenhouse gasses as possible, we must re-warm the globe to pre-disaster levels, we MUST pollute the Earth in order to save it, and regain our old way of life”

“I am authorizing tax deductions for Americans that purchase large, polluting vehicles, we MUST beat Mother Nature back to where She was before the Disaster occured…”

basically, I think the response to the new ice-age would be “Oh JOY!, we can pollute all we want now!”

besides, the weather experienced in the Northeast/Canada/Northern Plains and Northwestern parts of the American continent wouldn’t faze us, subzero winter temps are par for the course up here :wink:

You watched one of the most preposterously silly movies ever and THAT was what it left you wondering?

Personally, I was wondering how half the population of the United States could possibly live in refugee camps in Mexico. Oh, wait, because we forgave them their debt, so they snapped their fingers and conjured up enough food and water and portapotties out of thin air. Along with aircraft carriers to get all those helicopters to New York.

I just wanted to say that as an apocalyptic fiction buff, I had such high hopes for that movie…sigh.

Sure, we’re used to extended periods of sub-zero weather, but if our furnaces suddenly stopped working, we’d just plain all die. (Does that give you a little insight into the Canadian psyche? :smiley: )

…I didn’t say it was the ONLY thing i wondered about…

Quick!, RUN AWAY from the temperature!!!ONE11One! :wink:

the whole film was one scientific abomonation after another…

Not according to the people who answered my GQ on the subject. I asked about ordinary winters, but some claimed we’d be fine at 60 below!

I don’t know about that; tell all the people that freeze to death in Canada every year that they shouldn’t have died. Of course, they usually die because they pass out in a snowbank, but still.

I know prairie settlers living in soddies usually survived the prairie winters (and the Inuit, of course), but not all of them, and we definitely do not have the same set of survival skills that they had.

And reading that thread more, it has a lot of bad ideas and errors in it. Extreme cold kills. Period.

Oops - I mean the Inuit survived, not that the settlers survived the Inuit.

“Extreme cold.” So you’re talking what…55° F?

It had Emmy Rossum so it wasn’t all bad.

I think President NotCheney would have just gone Polar Bear hunting and shot Denis Quaid in the face.

“You know, if we’re not careful, there might be an Ice A… OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NO… Well, now that’s over, we’ll all live happily ever after.”

Stupidest movie ever.

Speaking of picking out one silly thing about a totally preposterous movie, but ya wanna know what really really bugged me?

(Tell us, Podkayne! Tell us!)

It was the fact that Dennis Quaid took the kid’s side when he got an F on his calculus test because he didn’t show any work because he could do it all in his head. (Him can do high school calculus in hims head! Isn’t him pwecious!)

Any real scientist who had gone through the actual process of education in any scientific field would say, “You didn’t show your work? Of course you got an F! You don’t just write the answer down on a calculus exam and expect to get full credit! Cripes, the answer is the least important part. What are you, retarded? This comes from your mother’s side of the family, doesn’t it? I knew I should have married that hot biochemist instead.”

I don’t know; there’s always The Core.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how many thousands of people died, as long as Jake Gyllenhaal got out alive. And well. And buff.

Not to mention that for a CGI Special Effects Movie (lets be honest here, that was the only reason this movie was made, so they could trot out their CGI weather animations…), the “Special Effects” were remarkably…mediocre

the storm surge/tsunami inundating NYC? Meh… nothing special
the SuperHurricaineBlizzard? Meh, how hard is it to animate what is essentially visually a hurricaine on steroids?
the Los Angeles Twisters (Band Name!)?, laughably bad, poorly animated, they looked like the CGI department left the primitive renders in the film instead of fully rendering them, the twisters were almost the worst special effect in the film, eclipsed only slightly by…

The Killer Frost (With optional GROWLING action…); the cold front/frostline was just so bad it was funny, after that amount of cold weather, the air would be pretty dry, there’d be no way for frost to form that quickly and build that heavily in that environment, but i guess the actors had to have some visual representation of the cold front to run from, the scientifically more accurate invisible killer cold front would look visually sillier, the actors would be running from “nothing”…

I think the benchmark for “bad science” in movies has moved from ID4 to TDAT…

Jake Gyllenhaal was in it? I’ll have to go back and take a second look. :smiley:

(By extreme cold I mean -30 C and colder.)

Have you noticed how tough the Statue of Liberty is in movies? In this movie, she withstood a wave up to her armpits with barely a twitch while the same wall of water was obliterating buildings made of reinforced concrete.

Just like how the Statue was the only piece of New York City that survived long enough to make Charleton Heston cry in Planet of the Apes.

Yeah, but the big difference here is that The Day After Tomorrow could really happen at any moment and The Core is useless pap without a shred of science to back it up.

ducks and runs away very quickly.

COUGH Armegeddon COUGH

She’s one tough lady. That Gustave Eiffel was an engineer’s engineer.

And someone remind me. . . Did the Statue of Liberty also make an appearance in A.I.? Either in the first part of the movie, when New York is half underwater — or later, when New York is buried under an ice sheet?


What about those wolves? They don’t need to CG wolves, they can just use real wolves. Instead they spent who knows how much money on badly animated, badly rendered, badly composited virtual-puppets!