Maybe she should wish for Birth Control for Christmas

10 kids? No wonder you don’t have money!

Do you know how hard it is to be a Democrat with people like you ruining everything? Keep your damn legs shut!


Perhaps she doesn’t know what causes it…

Get her a job before she spawns again!

Sheesh. You know, MOST people can figure out what causes babies after having a few. TEN? And she relies on HER mom to help her out.

I’m disgusted. You just KNOW that those kids aren’t really learning how to budget, how to plan, all that good stuff. Not when Mom apparently can’t be bothered to look even nine months into the future.

I KNOW about BC failure. I got pregnant three times in two years, once on the Pill, once using foam and condoms together, and once with an IUD in place. However, after I miscarried that IUD pregnancy, I decided that I just wasn’t gonna HAVE sex until I could get a tubal. It took a couple of years, but I survived, and so did my husband. It wasn’t easy, I’ll grant you…but it CAN be done.

However, I’m willing to bet that this woman isn’t using ANY sort of reliable birth control. She’s certainly a poster child for Depo, or any long term BC. And I wish that someone could get her to see that.

Are you kidding? There’s no way she can make enough money to pay for daycare for however many toddlers she has now. And one is a special needs child. What she needs is a tubal ligation.

…and to start playing Lotto.

Gee, maybe the kids could ask their Daddies to buy them presents…what? No, what AM I missing here?

Yeah, only rich white people should be allowed to procreate. Your family size should be dictated by the economic status quo. Poor people should just stop breeding and die out.

Whoa there, man. Don’t let this become a trainwreck like some other threads that I am thinking of! :smiley:

It is rarely more a more apt time than now to say “won’t someone think of the children?”

lissener, where the fuck did that come from?

Dude, no one is saying poor folks shouldn’t have kids. It’s just a tad disingenuous to have 10 (TEN!), and then grouse that you don’t have the resources to take care of them.

I would imagine that after three or four, funds would start to get tight for an unemployed single mother.

Take a longer sabbatical from this board.

You’re surprised?

No. Not really.

I can’t imagine being stuck with 10 kids. Christ, you can’t discipline them, you just kinda herd them. You’d need sheep dogs to help.

Lissener, should you ever need reminding why so many people think you are a self-righteous asshole. Please refer here:

All I can say is…

I have no pity for her.

my ex-stepfather was one of 10 kids. but there was a father there. (though not much of one, which is a long sad story) And just to piss lissener off, he was black. (he was actually black before that, but he stays that way just to annoy lissener)
The family i live with now has 8 kids, but they were rich in vietnam and could afford them. But the communists took over and took all three of their businesses, and they fled here and lived poor for a while, but now most of them are pretty successful. And again, there was two parents.

And my grandmother was one of 9, and my stepmother has 6 kids. And the McCaughey Septuplets are the offspring of my step-cousin.

Still, 10 is probably too many for me(unless that robbing fort knox deal comes off). I’ll stick with my projection of 5, by three different wives (or 2 wives and a girlfriend), with one or two more by marriage. I should be able to afford that easily.

10 by yourself is horrible (granted, there are twins, so it was only 9 births, but still, she is a walking example that will be used in every anti-welfare arugment until the end of time.) I feel sorry for her kids, they are being unfairly punished for her lack of grasping the cause and effect rule.

I do feel bad for her and the kids, but good Lord, ten kids when you can’t afford them is not a smart move. I could take her to Planned Parenthood, I know where they are.