Maybe the only reason to watch the Grammys

Eminem, Elton John to sing duet at the Grammys

How surreal this is going to be!

Stop it, yer scarin’ me.


I love Elton John. I’ve heard of Eminem, but never heard any of his music.

From what I read in that article, though, sounds like Elton’s motives are decent enough. I’ll need to read some of Eminem’s lyrics & stuff before I could make any more judgement.

The article says that Sir Elton and MM are going to duet on “Stan”. Instead of Elton singing Dido’s lyrics, maybe he should sing “Funeral for a friend”. I can literally hear it in my head now.

Elton: The roses in the windowbox have tilted to one side, everything about this house was born to grow and die… . . .

Eminem: Dear Slim–I’m your biggest fan . . .

Possibly the scariest thing I have ever heard.

That’s hillarious! This I have to see.

I love Elton John, too, always have. My oldest son thinks Eminem rulez (his word, not mine) but what he makes is NOT what I call music. IMO, to say he sucks would be a major compliment. I can’t stand him. Yeah, yeah, I am an old fogie, not in the loop, lost in time, whatever…he still makes my ass want to spit tobacco, and Elton must be on some kind of drug-induced balloon ride wanting to do a duet with him.

I can’t even see those two in the same city at the same time, let alone sing together. I haven’t read the article yet, but I really can’t understand why Elton John would ever lower himself to Mr. Mathers’ level, except to possibly boost the ratings of the Grammys. Which from what I have heard of the ratings in the past, would be quite helpful. And will most probably work. I, myself, might even watch the show now, just to see this little teaser.

And Persephone, when you DO read his lyrics, try real hard to understand how in the world he ever got to be as popular as he is…and explain it to me if you do. I’ve been trying for 2 years to get my son to do it…but as of last week, no luck.

Gotta admit, though, it’s a definitely going to be DIFFERENT! :slight_smile:

You mean there’s a reason?

Thanks for the warning Omni.

I might have tuned in to it accidently.

I thought the only reason to watch the Grammys anymore was to see who would finally show up totally nude, Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears.

Now, for my deep dark confession…I actually like the song “Stan”. I don’t really like anything else that Eminem does though. Yes, I have listened to all of it, over and over and over again (thanks to my 13-year-old who just adores his music).

Okay, I just went & read some of his lyrics, from the Marshall Mathers album.

He’s bored, tired & telling us we’re full of s*** for blaming stuff on him. Okay, I can accept that.

But those lyrics made me think of something else. Just what the hell do the Grammy judges base their decisions on? I mean, was he nominated because he had the cojones to tell us all to get stuffed? Most redundant use of the F-word in a single sentence? What?

Eminem was selected because the Grammy system do not want to miss him in his prime like they did the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Elvis in their prime. Second, there is probably an strong undercurrent of voters who believe that there is more to music than love songs, and it’s about time. Third, the year 2000 wasn’t so great a year creatively for music, leaving the door wide open for one such as Eminem. From what I hear, only Kid A may have a better chance of winning Album of the Year than The Mashall Mathers LP.

People, especially kids, do think the things he is rapping about, even worse. He wouldn’t sell seven million CDs otherwise. That he is popular should alert the parents to what they themselves, and society at large, are teaching kids that is so repellent to them that they would buy Eminem…

His character Slim Shady is part of the continuum of musical “bad man characters” such as Tom Dooley, Stagger Lee, Johnny Cash’s The Man in Black, and the gangsters and dope dealers in rap. His Slim Shady character is so compelling and dark, it has created debate about what one should hear in music. Dissing Slim Shady, and Eminem, has become a billion dollar industry in itself.