No, dipshit, Eminem was not "oppressed by the man"

Okay, so, as some of you may know, the Grammies were last night. This is a shame in and of itself, but alas, I digress.

As some of you may ALSO know, famed controversial rapper Eminem did not win the coveted “best rapper” award. Shocking, I know. :rolleyes:

As at least one person here (myself) definitely knows, some of the kids in my high school dorm are complete and utter morons. After the Grammies, one such whippersnapper was heard to comment “That’s so fucking unfair. The only reason those fuckers didn’t give Eminem the fucking award because he’s too fucking controversial.”

Aside from astounding me with the eloquence of the guy’s speech, this also served to piss me off royally. So, if I may continue:

LISTEN, jagoff, Eminem did NOT lose best album of the year to Steely Dan because he was too controversial. He was not being “put down” by “whitey,” who, I may add, he is a part of. I’m going to run this next part by you slow: Eminem lost because he didn’t have the best album of the year. While you try to cram this idea into your scrawny head, I shall aid you by kicking it forcefully up your posterior. Hopefully, the two will meet in the middle, and will combine so that you can get the proverbial clue.

I haven’t heard the Steely Dan album, so I can’t comment on that, but I have heard both “The Marshall Mathers L.P.” as well as the albums by Beck and Radiohead. Personally, I thought they were both better than Eminem’s, and so did many others. Eminem was, in my opinion, out of his league, since there were much better albums in the category.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Still, the fact remains, the board of people at the Grammies shared it. Get over it. Just because you think it was the best album doesn’t mean it was. You weren’t on the board. So there.

And besides, he couldn’t have been “too controversial” if a) they let him perform and b) they gave him best rap album of the year. So get over it already. I don’t care if you’re pissed, just don’t bitch about it to me. Go express your anger by blazing ol’ Slim Shady out your stereo to the ends of the Earth, but if it wakes me up, I’ll express my anger by blazing YOU with the nearest “gat”. See, I’m a tolerant guy. I’m even down with the lingo.

I’ve got the new Steely Dan and it is really good. I haven’t heard Beck’s or Radiohead’s.

What a variety though, eh?

This is known as “sore loser syndrome.”

This reminds me of when Jethro Tull won the “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal Or Instrumental” Grammy in '88. The competition was enough that they ended up beating out the heavily favored Metallica.

Metallica fans: Get over it.

Eminem fans: Get over it. I was sure that Radiohead would win. I have heard nothing but gushing from critics about this record. They cancelled Eminem out.

“The Man” probably sold an extra million records for Eminem by allowing him to perform on their show.

I am also reminded of the '94 college football season when Penn State was undefeated but didn’t win the National Championship. Fans and players (including Kerry Collins) did nothing but complain that they should have won. You know what? You participate within an organization whose rules require that he who receives the nost votes wins. He who got the most votes in each case won. Those are the rules.

Deal with it.

Right the “coveted “best rapper” award” part should be “coveted “best album” award”. I guess it kinda does hurt my point that that was in the first line. Oh well. My point stands.

Oh, the injustice!:smiley:

What really bothered me was his obviously fake rap accent. The “yo yo yo” just didn’t flow flow flow from his mouth, it sounded rehearsed and contrived.

But it did make me want to launch my size 9.5 nike rocket into the crack of his asteroid.

What cracks my shit up now is-get this-Eminem claimed that he didn’t know Elton John was gay!

What the HELL? I wonder if he’s aware that the Pope is actually Catholic…

Could you provide a cite for Eminem saying that? It isn’t that I don’t believe you. I want proof to show some of my friends. We all could use the laugh.

I heard him say it on MTV in an interview with Kurt Loder this evening. I thought it was particularly amusing too.

Stop… Stop… You’re ripping my heart out!

I’m not surprised in the slightest. Mr. Mathers doesn’t seem to much of anything.

To everyone who complains that their particular favorite didn’t win the Grammy: Um, these are the Grammys! Y’know, the awards that routinely go to really crappy bands for really songs on really crappy albums?

The Grammys are just a bunch of guys voting for what they liked. Has nothing to do with quality, just a couple old guys opinion. Means nothing. Hell, if Homer Simpson could win a Grammy…

Please insert an extra “crappy” somewhere in the second sentence above. Hell, insert a dozen…

Did you point out to these jagoffs that “Whitey” did, after all, nominate the album for the award? Does that say nothing?

I was hoping they would give him the damn Grammy. While all of the other albums were better(except for Paul Simon’s, which I thought was simply OK, but then again I can’t help but compare it to “Graceland”) I thought it might get him off his, “Yo, man, the critics can’t handle me, I’m a rebel, I’m a badass” schtick.

He did, however, win for Best Rap Album. When was the Roots’ Things Fall Apart released?

I would like to wish a fond farewell to Shelby Lynne, winner of the Best New Artist award.

Dr. J

Sorry, don’t have a site, Hastur-it was gossip repeated to me.
Wouldn’t surprise me, however. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere on the Net.

“Homer: Marge, I want an award!
Marge: You got a Grammy!
Homer: I mean an award that matters!”

I’m pretty sure The Roots album was early 1999.

The album that should have was Jurassic 5’s Quality Control.

Lisa: “This is the most contrived, meaningless award show I’ve ever seen!”
Bart: “What about the Grammies?”
Lisa: “I stand corrected.”

I like Eminem, but i didn’t care if he won or lost. The real “robbery” was when Rage beat out Pearl Jam.

From somewhere on the MTV website (one of the links on this page)