Mayfly hatch caught on radar

So the mayflies were more like verylatejunefiles, but still interesting:


Wow, just wow. That is crazy. I hate those stupid bugs so I am glad I wasn’t there to see that but it is neat on radar.

HA! I miss the mayfly invasions.

I (many, many moons ago) worked in a drive-thru gas station (petrol, for those of you elsewhere), and one or two nights a year the place would be SWARMING with mayflies. I knew they were harmless, so I wasn’t worried, but you should have seen the customers! The lights would attract the 'flies, and there would be bajillions of them landing on everything and everyone.

People were freaked (not the least because of the tail-things, which everybody thought were “stingers”). I would open the service window to take the customers’ money, and have a dozen mayflies perched on my white shirt. The customers were afraid to even crack their windows to hand me their credit cards. It was hilarious.

Of course, within a day or two, the property would be littered with piles of squashed mayfly corpses (from being run over). Man, did they stink! We would have to sweep them up and shovel them into the dumpster.

Nature rocks!

Given a choice, I’d take the mayflies over termites. I can’t recall where it happens but there is a state(s?) that has yearly termite hatches/swarms. I saw some kind of nature documentary about it, I am thinking by National Geographic. shudder

There are parts of Metro Detroit that get mayfly invasions. They make a nice crunch as you pull up to the gas station or walk into the 7-11.