Mayor: Cut thumbs off graffiti 'punks'

Wow, please remind me to write off Las Vegas as a good place to live.
How can an elected official be this stupid in this day and age?
Mayor Oscar Goodman needs to be thrown out of office and sent to a mental hospital.

I do love this quote:

Well, it would solve the problem. Hard to hold a spray can without thumbs. :smiley:

But saying that on television was probably unwise.

Did you read the entire article. He was also promoting the whipping of children. :eek:

Maybe I’m just sick in the head (Maybe?) but that’s fuckin’ hilarious.

Aw, come on…we like Oscar Goodman here in Las Vegas…he was (really) a mob lawyer before being elected Mayor, he has struck a deal with Bombay Gin for him to always drink it at public functions (the money goes to the city) and when the Feds were threatening to start putting nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Oscar swore he would set police blockades at every entrance to Las Vegas and turn them away.

Oscar is everyone’s favorite nut uncle. We love him.

And one more word out of any of you and we’re gonna take you on a little drive out in the desert some night.

Oh, and jrfranchi, sorry, but please put your thumb on this table here…you heard me. It’s the law.

Oscar Goodman: The 6-Million Dollar Moron

I’m a teacher, remember? There are times when I think this is a marvelous idea! :smiley:

I dunno, I kinda like the general idea, an this Oscar fellow.

You don’t cut the thumbs off, you just break them.

Now no more of this talk, we will take you in the back room and work your kneecaps over with a clawhammer.

Would you at least compromise on thumbscrews?
Minimizes permanent damage at least.

Sounds like a joke to me. And a reasonably funny one at that.

I’ll still be taggin if I have to use my bloody arm stump to press the spray nozzle!

They came for the tagger’s thumbs and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a tagger…

It sounds funny to me, and I see no use in graffiti-sprayers, anyway. I mean, I don’t really mean their thumbs should be cut off, but it’s nice to think about.
damn graffiti sprayers, messing up my neighborhood - YOU KIDS! GET OFF THE LAWN!

It’s just a flesh wound!

When tagging happens in Vegas, thumbs stay in Vegas.

Is that what they do to jaywalkers in Vegas?

Mayor: For every wall that you deface, I cut off a finger.

Tagger: Uh, mine or yours?

Mayor: Yours!

I won’t tell mr.stretch about this–he’d think it was a great idea. Actually, mr.stretch thinks that taggers should have their hair spray painted, have to wear the lovely orange coveralls and they should be put to work cleaning up graffiti–with the added bonus of letting the public throw rotten fruit at them while they work.

In the closest “big” city here, property owners are required to clean up graffiti on their property within a short period of time (I think it’s a week) or they are fined $400. The City periodically goes around and paints out graffiti with whatever color of paint they get from combining a bunch of donated paint. We have a huge tagger problem and the City’s solution just makes everything uglier. :frowning:

Cheaters, in the mob days (or so the stories go).

Anyone else visualizing Trashcan Man strolling past a line of crosses with the decaying bodies of graffiti artists hanging from them?