McCain And Obama On 60 Minutes: Who "Won"?

I just watched CBS’s 60 Minutes show that profiled both McCain and Obama for the entire hour.

If there was any doubt in my mind who is going to do well in the debates (and there has been no doubt), this show set my mind to ease. (Yes, I am a big Obama fan and have been from Day One of his campaign.)

I think Obama came across brilliantly…he stuck to the issues, didn’t get baited into trivial subjects and handled his questions very well.

How McCain was able to seriously say he felt Palin was absolutely qualified to be President of the United States with a straight face is Oscar worthy. He danced around the question why she has not given interviews and he was quick to change the subject and slam Obama whenever he got the chance.

And finally, the whole “Obama is going to raise all of your taxes” bullshit was harped on again by McCain, but clearly answered by Obama.

So yes, this Obama supporter was quite happy to watch the show. I think it bodes well for the upcoming debates and also happy to see Democrat issues like war, the economy and health insurance take the front burner again over those Republican hot button issues like Paris Hilton and putting lipstick on pigs.

Ths may well be true. On the other hand, 60 Minutes rigorously edits all their interviews to ensure that the favored perspective of the editors is shown to best advantage, so basing one’s opinions of the relative strengths and weaknesses of a person or candidate based on a 60 Minutes presentation can be quite risky.

Considering 60 Minutes is an American Institution, I hardly think they got that reputation by being totally biased over the past 40 years. They asked Obama several questions where he could easily have gone into a McCain bash, but didn’t. They asked McCain several questions where he could go easily go into an Obama bash, and he did.

Plus, the McCain “Palin is absolutely qualified to be President” quote is hardly a case of liberal editing. I think the American public is starting to get over the newness factor of Palin and will be re-evaluating that choice, and this quote might come back to haunt McCain.

You made your point…and 60 Minutes has had their share of blunders over the years, but considering millions of people watch that show every Sunday (especially those who are about the age of the reporters), it was an enlightening presentation and a quick preview into how the two candidates will appear, face to face, next Friday in the debates.

I noticed that much of the editing was just terrible. I’m not sure if skewed one way or the other, but it was sometimes jarring.

I think McCain did well. Granted, I think much of what he actually says is a big, steaming load (as DMark has pointed out), but he spoke well. I thought Obama did OK; one thing I particularly like is how he doesn’t let skewed questions go by without correction. I also think that Steve Kroft was being a tool – not his questions so much, but his demeanor.

No “winner” that I can see, just a reinforcing of already existing views.

I have never understood why they have maintained their reputation for this long, except that they provide good theatre.
(Many years ago I watched them take down a person whose ethics and intelligence I found execrable, but even during that show I could see that they were cutting in responses to different questions to make him look even worse for the show. After that I watched a few more episodes and gave up on them. When I have occasionally caught the show when visiting some other house on a Sunday night, I have nearly always seen the same sort of behavior over the last 30 years.)

I do not know that they actually have a bias in this election and I am sure that they are capable of presenting good interviews well. I simply tend to believe that the viewing audience will see exactly what they want seen. Obama has been much better at resisting snide remarks than any candidate this year, so I am not surprised that his presentation came off that way. On the other hand, I would also not be surprised to discover that any slip by Obama being negative about McCain or any effort by McCain to be generaous toward Obama would have simply disappeared in the editing machine if that was how they wished to play it.

Again, a good point. I rarely watch the show unless they have a profile of someone I am interested in (Stevie Wonder, Steven Spielberg, fill-in-the-blank famous person) but watched it because it had both Obama and McCain tonight.

I can say that my parents, both die-hard Republicans, LOVED the show 60 Minutes and never missed watching it on Sundays. That seems to indicate that, if indeed you think this episode might have been skewed for Obama, 60 Minutes certainly doesn’t have a reputation as being a hotbed of liberalism, or my parents would never have watched it twice, let alone every Sunday for decades.

I actually thought McCain sounded pretty good until he absolutely positively backed Palin’s potential capabilities as president. At that point, all his credibility as both an honorable man and a capable candidate went right down the crapper. He is either a vote-grabbing non-patriot or he’s a fool.

You repeat yourself.:wink:

IMO there should be a law that when interviewed the person being interviewed should be provided with the unedited footage that was filmed. Then, if the show gets overly creative with their editing, the person interviewed can post the unedited stuff to YouTube or wherever they like to set the record straight. Absolutely any show that edits to misrepresent the person being interviewed should be skewered. Particularly a presumably “unbiased” news show such as 60 Minutes.

They usually tape hours of conversation. They have to edit. Implying that they do it for bias is not quite fair. McCain was treated fairly. His answer about Palin is ridiculous. Can not make that sound good.
Huge and powerful Repub biased networks oversee all programming. They are the counterweight to perceived Liberalism. The crew on 60 Min. has told many stories of the network stepping on or modifying programs.

My guess from the one post per hour response rate is that just like every election no one really gives a shit. They aren’t listening to the candidates just to their prejudices.

“Considering 60 Minutes is an American Institution, I hardly think they got that reputation by being totally biased over the past 40 years.”

They’re as slimy as anyone on TV. I’m not a McCain supporter but to think 60 Minutes is anymore objective than say the Fox network is silly.

I got the distinct impression that the interviewer was hostile towards Obama, interupting him and barking questions, and that he was much friendlier to McCain. McCain was eloquent when talking about his life experience, but was stuttering and stumbling all over his policy answers, reverting to Obama bashing whenever possible. As a result, I thought that Obama came out looking like he took the high road and McCain looked like the typical party hack that he is.