McCain Supporter Attacked?

For some reason thishas Tawana Bradley written all over it. For one thing, the “B” is a mirror image which suggests that it could have been done by the woman herself. This is not to say that a crazed Obama supporter couldn’t have done it.

There’s no actual cerified information to go on, so this story is… not much, yet. it should not have any effect on the election.

Inside job.

There has been some back and forth over this at Fark.

  • The photo appears to show the woman with a lot of makeup smeared around a (non-swollen) eye. I don’t think she has said whether she was supposed to have a black eye or not, but if she did, it’s not a very convincing black eye.

  • The woman pointedly refused medical treatment, which would have yielded an answer to the first question

  • The backwards B could be the result of writing it in on a mirror, or it could be the assailant standing over her while she lay with her head towards him. Either way, it does not seem to have broken skin, which would be uncharacteristic of a knife.

I don’t see anything to debate here, any attacker needs to be arrested, but as noticed, the B does appear reversed, it is very unlikely that an attacker would have the time or the inclination to carve a reverse B on someones face.

The reverse B can be explained by her being on the ground with the mugger standing over her head.

Rather than assume she’s lying just because she’s voting McCain, I’d wait for more info. This is the kind of story that usually turns out to be nothing- with the crime being real but the outrageous bias detail made up.

Yeah it could be an upside down B instead of a backwards B*. I don’t see the political relevance of a B though. Marley23 is right, there’s no use speculating. That’s what the 24 hr news channels are for. I’m sure Fox news has it solved already.

  • EDIT: I just realized how silly that sounds but you know what I mean

Apparently it happened at an ATM, so there should be surveillance video to corroborate/contradict her story.

The bloggosphere is, needless to say, abuzz. This site points out she was actually “twittering” while the attack was taking supposedly place (and another poster, on the republican site she was on doubts here honesty):

Kinda agree though speculation at this point is kinda pointless…

So how was the mugger holding her down while he (ever so gently) carved the letter into her face?

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but that there’s a good bit there that doesn’t make sense.

Nitpick: Tawana Brawley.

Well known leftist Obamaniac Michelle Malkin says it sounds fishy.

Sorry: what is the “B” supposed to represent? :confused:

Some are saying Barack, but what if it’s Bush!?

“Move and I’ll cut your fucking throat!”

Not that I’m take this on face value.

Allegedly it happened outside of camera view.

My abbreviation has always been “O”. That dude picked a difficult letter!

Too high.

Yeah, but even though he cut it backwards, he cut it very straight and clean. It was nice of her to hold so still so that he didn’t even mess up the curves of the B.

One thing that smells like bullshit is that she apparently has a twitter entry at 23:04:06 (which I assume is 11:04 pm) complaining of traffic in Pittsburgh. You’re not going to find anywhere in Pittsburgh with traffic at 11:00 pm.