McCain's funny line?

I have been watching the Convention for a short bit.
McCain was speaking, but my son was running water for a bath and I couldn’t hear what was being said.

What was the apparently funny line he said, which afterwards they showed Michael Moore.?

Called him a disingenuous filmmaker. BURN!

I see. You’ve, ah, already been to that thread. I have the buyer’s remorse.

I’ve heard of “damning by faint praise.” Considering Sen. McCain’s mixed feelings about backing the standard-bearer after the Swift Boat attack ads, is this “praising by faint damnation?” By comparison, several rightwing folks have been much more enthusiastic in their comments about Michael Moore.

McCain’s also admitted that he hasn’t seen the film, so his line should be taken as him simply playing to his audience. Making a Michael Moore joke at the RNC is a “gimmie.”