Michael Moore at the RNC

Oh, he’s loving this. :smiley:

No! What channel, and what have I missed?

He called him a “disingenous filmmaker”! That’s quite an insult, Mr. McCain!


John McCain acknowledged his presence (calling him a disingenuous film-maker) The camera cut to him and the crowd booed and hissed for several minutes while he waved. Then they started chanting “Four More Years!” to which he responded with the “L” gesture. More booing.

McCain tried to get his speech back on track and said “that phrase worked so well I’ll say it again… a disingenuous film-maker…” Cue more booing and hissing. After a while, McCain was able to actually complete his sentence, which was about Iraq not being a peaceful, idyllic land, as he implied Moore implied in F9/11.

It totally hijacked the speech-- I’m surprised they played to him so much.

Urgh. Now they’re onto the endorsement by people who lost family on September 11th portion of the evening. I can’t look away.

I guess local laws prevented them from actually digging up their corpses and slapping ‘Bush/Cheney’ stickers on 'em.

What unbelievable rubbish. I mean, really. They’re making an issue out of a non-issue. Do they really think Democrats are against helping widows and orphans of people killed in the attacks on 9/11? Jingo all the way…

Forgive me, but what does the L gesture mean?

Why was Moore laughing at the phrase Disengenious filmmaker?

I thought I read Moore’s lips saying 4 more months!

In the morning, I do not generally watch TV, I listen to it. It is remarkable how different things are without the video.

It sounded like a fine speech.

I did pass through the living room and saw John McC at the podium before he began speaking. Gee, he looked nervous. How very human in this agent of genetically-engineered politicians.

Extend your right hand, palm facing away from you and fingers pointing up. Fold in all but the index finger and thumb. Position your thumb so that it is perpendicular to your index finger. Viewed from opposite you, it looks like a capital “L” - the hand symbol for “loser”!

Have heard that the secret service has surrounded Moore, cutting him off from all others there to cover the convention. NPR was in mid interview with him and they cut it off.

As long as the attention is focused on him, he can assuage his feelings of low self-esteem.

Yeah, rich, famous, successful, happily married, hero of millions, Academy Award winner with an outrageous hit film on his hands…Moore’s self-esteem is obviously in the dumper.

Anyway, you all got it wrong. They were actually chanting “Four Moore Years!”

Whatever self-deception gets you through the night, babe.


Actually, I think Mike was laughing *with * the phrase, not *at * it.

Well, listening to Moore rant about rich white men is about as compelling as watching Sally Struthers cry about starving people.

So, you have issues with the obese. One can’t be overweight and be credible by what you’ve said.


Yup, send the obese to the death camps. That’s exactly what I was implying. Lighten up, man.

Because unlike right-wing pundits such as Limbaugh and O’Reilly, Michael Moore has enough self-esteem to be able to take a joke at his expense.

Yeah, I caught that as well.

I thought it was pretty interesting he was singled out. I got the impression they must be pretty scared of him to do that.

I also got the impression Moore thought it was funny as hell this giant collection of people who represent about half the the USA single him out because of one movie.

It’s called sarcasm.