Michael Moore cleans up his act!

Did you see Michael Moore on the Leno show the other night? His face was shaved, his hair was trimmed, and he was wearing a nice suit. He also said some temperate, conciliatory things about President Bush.


I guess he decided his radical, left-wing, disgusting slob image was not working. Fancy that.

Frankly, he sounded reasonable.

I was impressed.

Yeah, it only made him very famous and rich. He’s definitely realized he’s a failure and is reassessing himself. :wink: I agree that it was weird though.

Is there a transcript available?

Roseworm, while I do not worship at a tasteful shrine to Michael Moore, your inclusion of shaving in the category of “cleaning up his act” is foolish and an affront to polite discourse.
On behalf of U.S. Grant, Freud, the entire cast of Z.Z. Top and all the other great bearded men in history*, piss off.

and, I suppose, a few great bearded women.

Shit, I missed it. Did he look like George Clooney?

He looked like an unholy combination of George Clooney, Dennis the Menace, and the big guy from the TV show “Wings”.

Roseworm, when you are going to notice there are other forums than the Pit? This is MPSIMS material.

Sure, but when was the last time a Michael Moore thread didn’t end up in the Pit anyway?

In another thread somebody said he looked like Peter Griffin (from ‘Family Guy’). I didn’t see him “cleaned up”, but thinking of how he looks normally I can see the resemblence now that it’s been pointed out.

Probably trying to take the edge off his image and to acquire a patina of respectability. The election was lost anyway, and the Academy Awards are coming up, you know, so in his typically dishonest way he’s trying to portray something (himself) in a way other than it really is in order to acheive a goal.

A clever and unexpected ploy, though, I must say.

So even when he simply shaves he’s being dishonest? Wow.


A post of typical **Starving Artist **fashion there…


Michael and Me just can’t seem to get on the same page. The day I make a few mil on a film is the day I quit the suits, haircuts and razor and adopt the slovenly, unkept look.

Right. Because, as we all know, BFC was a miserable failure and he failed to win an Oscar for it during his scruffy-bearded days.

Oh wait…

A course of action that it would not be inappropriate for you to take.

So nobody got that he was JOKING?

His look was a goof on the typical Republican look. “A fat white guy who’s afraid of change.”

He gently ribbed, by talking about how good things were going to be in his life - his taxes were going to go down.

He admitted that Bush got more votes, because the Republicans had a better message, and I think that was not part of the joke.

But his suit and haircut were just being funny.

This thread gets filed under the “Whoopdee Fuck” section. What the hell are you pitting anyway or just like to bitch about leftist minutiae?

This just in!

Michael Moore cleans up act!

Roseworm continues to spout same useless shit!

Must be a slow news day.


When was the last time a Roseworm thread had any value other than Pit fodder?

Thread? How about post? Has she contributed anything to this board other than incidiary crap?