Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9", Any Thoughts?

Just watched Fahrenheit 11/9, and as I know this board skews extremely liberal, so in theory, this should be right up most Straight Dope people’s alley, but I wanted to hear any thoughts you might want to share.
For me, I used to think Michael Moore was a really talented filmmaker, but this fell flat, it is clear he was too personally close to the subject, as there wasn’t even a veneer or pretense of objectivity.

I personally loathe Donald Trump, but 0it a bizarre way, I got a bit of satisfaction out of Moore’s hollow, impotent rage.

I’ll bet Trump would enjoy this film, although he probably would need someone to explain some of te big words to him.

I remember most of Roger and Me. I remember many scenes from Bowling for Columbine.
I remember very little from Fahrenheit 9\11 other than the plane hitting the tower, some ranting about Bush protecting the Saudi royal family, and Bush sitting in that grade school class during the attacks. The way Moore carried on about Bush sitting there, you’d think Moore’s opinion was that Bush should’ve torn off his suit and flown out the window like Superman.

(That last joke isn’t mine, by the way. I may have gotten it off this Board somewhere.)

Personally, I agree with Michael Moore about most things. But he’s definitely lost his appeal in media.

I got the DVD from the library, and will request another copy because mine is defective; it started breaking up in the last segment or so.

Here’s my opinion about it: He started making a film about the Flint water crisis, found some kind of link to the nefarious acts that got the Malignant Canteloupe elected, and went from there. Do I feel the movie was a waste of time? No. Am I glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater? Yes.

It was quite informative regarding the Flint water crisis. Ties in quite well to the Trump stuff. Also highlights the complete lack of concern by Obama and friends. Does the stupid thing where he tries to perform a citizens’ arrest, like in all his movies. It’s really about what he sees as a growing grassroots left wing movement, though. AOC and such. I expect he’ll be disappointed and this film will age just as badly as most of his others.

Bowling for Columbine is perennially relevant, thanks to American gun culture, but 9/11 has faded into memory surprisingly quickly for the defining moment of an era, Bush has become a new favourite of the anti-Trump crowd, so have globalisation and economic liberalisation, and Obama abolished most of the specific problems in Sicko almost before the film came out.

I fell asleep during the film at a cinema in Washington DC, I assume I was surrounded by fellow liberals and political nerds.

Admittedly, I’d had two stiff drinks and a big meal earlier that night, but I just couldn’t get into this movie. Fahrenheit 9/11 was different, I was still angry at the Bush administration. Fahrenheit 11/9, nah, I just wanted to get back out and campaign for Democrats, not just be angry at Trump.