McCartney / Mills divorce gets REALLY ugly - her interview

examples of things Heather Mills is accusing Sir Paul of include…

Two thoughts:

  • Mee-OW!
  • sigh

It would seem that Heather Mills no longer needs him nor wishes to feed him.

Yeah, she is definitely not a woman who understands/loves her man.

Ha! I never bought Paul’s kissup routine, myself. I figured beneath that Mr. Sunshine exterior was a mean bastard.

Of course, I am skeptical that some harpy standing to make a bajillion from this is going to speak the unwavering truth, either.

I bet he wishes he’d listened to his children.

Another accusation, as listed inanother account of the story:

WTF? Who in their right mind would buy an antique bedpan if they intend to actually use it rather than acquire it as a collector’s item? :dubious:


Sometimes, people deserve each other…

I think I will go play John Lennon’s song “Instant Karma” and smile.

What is wrong with an antique bedpan?

So McCartney apparently isn’t an ass man.

She doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I’m just stunned there was no pre-nup. This woman is as climbing and as aggressive as they come, and will stop at* nothing * to get the biggest piece of the pie she can. Based on her drama and playing to the media so far, most of her claims are making the BSometer twitch. I’m waiting for her claims of devil worship & child abuse to get floated shortly.

That, and the fact that Paul’s previous marriage to Linda was so long-lasting and apparently successful.

Anybody know of any similar claims about Paul by Linda? Or was Heather married to a Different Paul?

But… but… she still has the right!

I was wondering that about Linda too. Heck of a transformation Heather’s accusing him of.

Before they were married, she came off as a bitch on wheels. She took offense at the most innocuous questions:

I’m paraphrasing here:

Larry King: “You championed land mines, a favorite cause of Princess Diana. Did you know her?”

Heather Mills: “That’s none of your business.”

She also had a very crappy childhood, including having to beg for food at one point in her life. She was interviewed on NPR (Fresh Air?) and I was struck by how different her life was from McCartney’s. His life revolved around his family. He was a real family man, never spending more than a day or two away from his wife. Mills, on the other hand, came from an incredibly broken home and had to grow up on the streets. She seemed incapable of embracing the notion of trust and love and it’s no wonder given her background.

I feel sorry for their daughter.

Do I believe he stabbed her with a wine bottle? No, but I could definitely see her breaking a wine bottle in a fit of rage.

Somewhere Stella is thinking “I Told You So”


Of course not, silly, he’s the walrus! Goo goo ga joob.

I just thought of a really tasteless joke:

What did Stella McCartney buy Heather Mills for Christmas?

A copy of Hop On Pop

When they were first married, I’m certain I read an interview with her. She said that she had offered to sign a pre-nup with Paul “because everybody was always interested in just his money”, but that he had declined. I remember thinking at the time how odd it was to share such a private thing with the whole world. Now it looks to me like she was paving the way for her current campaign. I’m siding with the “she’s a lying manipulative bitch” voters.

When someone like Paul is accused of that kind of sh*t, I find myself praying that it isn’t so. I don’t need my heroes dragged thru the dirt like tha…it’s too damn depressing.

I am shocked, shocked to discover that a former Beatle does drugs.