mr [Paul McCartney is a curse on humanity]

Am I the only one who thinks Paul McCartney is a a curse on humanity and should be banged up for the rest of his miserable life? Please tell me this is not so.

You are the only one who thinks that. Expect this thread to move.

Interesting title, I must say.

Probably you’re not the only one. It makes no sense – McCartney is hardly an evil person – but people sometimes have odd hatreds.

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When did Heather Mills sign up on the SDMB? Nice to see you, Ms. Mills!

I agree.

Well, I’ve never forgiven him for Ebony and Ivory. Does that count?

Paul McCartney? Really?

Who next? Kermit the Frog? Gandhi?

With “artists” like Slipknot, ICP, John Mayer, Sting, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Nickelback, etc., you select Paul McCartney? He’s a harmless old man who writes slight songs and gets by on his past as half of the greatest songwriting duo in rock. He’s barely on the radar as far as musical annoyances.

Could the OP explain why he hates McCartney so much? I’d be curious to know. Is it his songs you don’t like? Is it his public persona? His history as a businessman?

Could you tell us, instead of just leaving us wondering?

What was the original thread title?

Do you hate him with the fire of 1000 exploding suns?

Or is it just sort of “I hate his sucky songs”?

Banville. Interesting username.

I am currently in possession of a flying rats ass.

I’m choosing to hold on to it until something better comes along.

I caught that too. I suspect it is prophetic.

Much as I despise McCartney, his trite songs, and his fatuous veganism, I’m not sure he deserves this particular fate.

How empty must a person’s life be to enable them to build up this kind of resentment toward such a random public figure?

I’m assuming it was just “mr” since they usually put brackets around the part that the mod adds (and leave the unbracketed part as was).

Oh. :frowning: I was hoping it would be something cool like “mr kite should stab you in the eye until you die” or something along those lines.