mr [Paul McCartney is a curse on humanity]

Wait, I’m confused. Do you want us to please tell you that Paul McCartney is not a curse on humanity, or that you’re not the only one who thinks so?

Also, what exactly does getting “banged up” entail?

I dunno. Ask Mark David Chapman.

Interestingly, “mr kite should stab you in the eye until you die” was the proposed title for “Live And Let Die”.

Even though I might view McCartney as a high-minded, smug douche, as well as a bit of a hypocrite* I don’t think he deserves any worse than my impotent derision.

  • seriously, he gets all pissed off at Toyota for shipping him a Lexus LS600h by air, while conveniently ignoring the fact that his new Lexus is a bloated pig of a car that makes a mockery of the “hybrid” concept.

Does it kinda scorch your behind that actually you’re supposed to call him “Sir”?


Hmmm…much better title. Maybe I should re-edit it.:wink:

Any true Englishman can put enough scorn into “Sir” to turn it into an insult.

so… the “Paul McCartney is a curse on humanity” portion is optional?

No – as I posted in the “Bitchiest song” thread in CS, John Lennon thought so, too at one point. lyrics

It looks like the only other post by Mr. Banville (heh) is #11 in this thread.

I blame Yoko Ono.

I myself think Paul McCartney is a very talented musician, albeit with a tendency to write trivial, sappy songs. I really don’t understand the hate a lot of people have for him.

Whats with writing “mr” in the subject line of both posts?

Put in jail. Not, you know, the other thing.

I’m not in love with McCartney’s solo work (Emitt Rhodes was out-McCartnying McCartney during the early 70s, and with better lyrics) he was a great bassist and singer in the Beatles. His bass playing on Abbey Road, especially, is really phenomenal.

** shakes head with confusion **

This is the weirdest Pitting I’ve seen in a while. Very strange.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because he’s a nutter? And possibly a hifamite.
That said, this pitting is remarkably sane. McCartney sucks.

In the pouring rain.

More mr pile-ons but no explanation of why. Dope snobbery?

Jeez, lay off him already, he’s been dead for almost half a century!