McDonald's commercial -- what does she call it?

There’s a current McDonald’s commecial that shows a young couple scrounging for change in a car – Here’s dime, I found a quarter, and so on. At one point the girl holds up what I think is an elastic band such as for holding hair in a pony tail and says “a ______” followed a bit later by, “Not mine” – clearly implying boyfriend is seeing other girls.

Try as I might, I cannot make sense out of what the girl calls the ring – I’m guessing because it’s a regionalism I’ve never heard – and it’s tantalyzing me.

Can anyone fill in the blanK?


I haven’t seen the commercial, but “scrunchie,” perhaps?

I have not seen the commercial. The term I most often hear for a stretchy ponytail holder is “scrunchie.” Could that be the word?

LOL! It looks as if we have a landslide. “Scrunchie” is winning.

Yeah…but it’s people who haven’t seen the commercial just guessing. :frowning:

This adds to the problem that maybe I’m misidentifiying what she’s holding up, maybe it’s a “framistan gasket” or something, and not a ponytail gizmo at all.

BTW, “Scrunchie” isn’t the answer, because I’m quite familiar with that term and, well, it’s just not what she’s saying, unless my ears have gone very wonky on me.

Whatever it is, it’s not a scrunchie or anything else for hair. It’s a ring made of plastic, which plays on the announcer saying they now take plastic just after, meaning credit or debit, so you can save your change. I think she says that it’s not hers because she has no idea what it is either.

She’s saying “ponytail holder”. The way she says it bugs the hell out of me.

I haven’t seen the commercial in question, but could it be a scünci?

(Yes, it so happens I do have teenage daughters. Why do you ask?)

I’m starting to wonder if there’s more than one version of this commercial. In the one that they show approximately 475 times an hour during Red Sox games, she very clearly says “ponytail holder.” And holds up a ponytail holder.

Well, I’ve seen the commercial three more times this evening, and I’m now convinced that what she says is pony<mumble>er" like, ponymangler, ponywrangler? Does that ring any bells?

It doesn’t look very much like the covered-elastic bands I used to use on MY ponytail, but I stopped wearing one when I was in second grade and things might have changed in the centuries since then. I think the reason I thought ‘pony tails’ at all is because her mumble does seem to start with ‘pony’.
What she’s holding up is a clear (no color) ring about 2" in diameter, looks like a clearish plastic rather than elastic. Oh, and the cross section of the band would be a circle, I’m fairly sure, rather than a rectangle like with a rubber band.

(Yes, I’m obsessing over this.)
Anybody got their closed captioning turned on?

I’ve not seen the ad but could it in fact be a diaphragm?

In a McDonalds ad? On American TV? I don’t think so.

There must be more than one version then, because in the one I’ve seen, it is a yellow band. Sounds like ‘ponytail’ to me.