That pony commercial!

This one.
Both of those little girls reactions look real.
If they are, it seems pretty mean to me.

I’ve noticed the same thing; specifically, the chubby kid with the truck.

At first I thought the kids weren’t in on the gag. But then, productions generally require mulitple takes, and remember that these kids were hired from a casting company and knew what they were getting into. Steven Spielberg famously dressed in a gorilla suit to get the look of awe in the little kid’s face in Close Encounters, and then took off the headpiece to get the laughter shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if the director of the commercials used some sort of subterfuge to get ‘real’ reactions from the kids. But would it work over multiple takes?

Since you brought up the pony commercial specifically, one thing I noticed is that the cuter kid got the real pony. Seemed a bit mean to have the… not-so-cute… kid get the booby prize.

On watching the pony commercial again, I think the girls were unaware that a real pony would be brought out. But the ‘You didn’t say I could have a real one!’ line must have been rehearsed after the surprise.

I don’t know. I raised two daughters, and that line seemed pretty real to me.
That preference for the “pretty” one is so common that I didn’t even notice it.

I know the producer. Those are real reactions.

I love those commercials! The resulting look on the face of the girl with the plastic pony is hilarious.

Give that producer a dirty look for me, would you.
And Tangent, too.

What about the dialogue after the reactions?

(I looked at the Truck one again, and the whole thing looks real. Great impromptu line by the kid.)

What camera did they use?

Huh. I posted about these commercials a few months ago assuming that they were rehearsed with the kids. If you have any idea how horse-obsessed girls can be you can see how it strikes near and dear.

There’s another ad out showing a girl with her new pony, a present - then another little girl arrives at the party, stares in amazement and drops her plastic horse - it’s hilarious. Anyone recall it?

“When I grow up, you are SO going to regret this.”

Give me a dirty look too, because I wish I could see both girls’ reactions when they tell the little blonde she doesn’t really get to keep the pony.

From USA Today:

"The bank, formerly GMAC Bank, did an open casting call for experienced child actors and everyday kids. …

The reactions were culled from a batch of more than 20 kids, and their reactions were filmed in two different phases. In the first, they are truly tricked, and reactions are genuine. But for a second round of shooting, the kids were briefed on what the trick would be and so were more prepared to react. The final batch of ads combine both reactions."

I love the weird noise the spokesman makes when he calls in the real pony.


Weird? Why that’s a fine cliche from countless westerns. I don’t know if it actually works, though.

His is a little different from the usual tongue click. He sounds like he’s doing a dolphin noise or something.

So what if a dolphin (land dolphin?) came out.
Worth the commercial, I promise.

I’m surprised to find out that the reaction shot was real - my daughter (and sisters) would’ve immediately broken into tears, screaming “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!” :wink:

The video doesn’t seem to be (readily) available online anymore, but it was a Lexus commercial.

Here’s a random Blog link complaining about it.

Some kids get used to “second best”. That’s exactly what her reaction made me think of. Watch her closely. That’s what made me believe it was real.
Adults can do it to those kids without even thinking. Peer kids can do it with thinking.
Sorry, I’m getting all serious. I can’t help it. I’m a grampa.