McDonald's Monopoly: Which Grand Prize?

Pretty simple question: if you win the grand prize in McDonald’s Monopoly game, which should you pick: a million dollars in cash, a million dollars worth of gold, or a million dollars in diamonds?

Assumably, the two precious materials can appreciate over time in a way the cash can’t. OTOH, the cash can be readily invested. OTOOH, the gold and diamonds are, in a sense, already invested in something. Plus, I’m afraid I don’t know the tax issue differences, if any, between the three.

So, considering your best guesses on the future of gold and diamonds on the open market and other such factors, which of the three grand prize choices is the best?

Uncle Sam is going to want his cut and not in gold or diamonds and possibly your state gov. will want some too. Gold is only good during times of inflation and Greenspan is keeping an eagle eye out for that to happen. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I don’t think they are an investors best buy.


Want to hijack this a little.

In the past there was always been some private website telling people which were the “rare” game pieces. I can’t find one this time, at least not yet. Anyone know of any?

Take the cash.

The value of diamonds depends on the appraisal. And you’ll never get the appraised value for the diamonds. Plus there will be a sizeable commission when you sell them.

Same with gold. Whoever buys it will take a bit off the top.

The cash at least is liquid. If you feel you must, you can use it to invest in gold or diamond futures.

This babe purports to have the straight poop on the “rare” pieces this year, but I can’t and won’t vouch for this site’s authenticity.

And on a related note: wouldn’t the gold or diamonds be taxed twice? That is, once when you won it, and once again when you liquidated it?

it would only be taxed a second time if you earned interest or sold it for a greater value, so the “second tax” you are paying is on a separate set of money. you don’t pay tax on the sale of an item (under normal circumstances) but like Finagle said you will probably pay a commission of some kind

Diamonds seem to be the worst choice. It’s a totally artifically controlled market, due to DeBeers and you’re getting a bunch of stones that someone is telling you are worth $1mil. At least with gold, you can open the paper and see that gold is going for $XXX per ounce and you have so many ounces of gold. Diamonds are completely arbitrary. Besides, if they pay off the gold/stones over 20 years like they do the cash, it’s possible that within five years, someone will make an artifical diamond and then your diamonds are worth much much less. Which might be cool when McDonalds gives you a Hefty bag full of diamonds, but I don’t see that happening :slight_smile:

Cash seems to be the best choice. You can’t go to the Piggly Wiggly and buy a pack of hotdogs with a bar of gold or a bag of diamonds, so why not cut out the middle man?

BTW, I was going to ask the same before I left for the weekend, but didn’t get the chance. Curse you!

Hey, if you want to offer me a bar of gold or a bag of diamonds for a pack of hot dogs, I’ll sell 'em to you.