McDonald's Really Messing With Me

I had the terrifying experience of taking my kids to McDonald’s the other night. Wise as they are, the kids only drank some chocolate milk. I, on the other hand, found myself eating their food as well as my own. I’d ordered extra for them because I wasn’t sure what they’d like. I downed fish filets, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fries, and more. I_just_couldn’t_stop_eating. I was wondering if I’d discovered a new bulimic side to myself. What really freaked me out, though, was that I was hungry for the next three hours! I wasn’t merely unsatisfied, I was ravenous! I felt ready for a Thanksgiving feast, the thousands of calories I put away regardless.

What in the world is going on? I’ve heard that McDonald’s drugs their food so it never fills you up. I thought that was paranoid and far-fetched, but now I’m a believer!

And, some background here . . . . I eat fast food about once a month (Wendy’s and Taco Bell mostly, lately Del Taco and occasionally Burger King, rarely Arby’s or Jack-In-The-Box), I’m not diabetic (that I know of), and I’ve binged on junk food, gone on 24-hour fasts, gone backpacking on a restricted cuisine, lived in two Asian countries and lived on their cuisine, eaten mostly home cooking, and gone to Chinese restaurants and eaten at a variety of restaurants. I’ve NEVER had any experience coming remotely close to that. It freaked me out! I’m scared of that place now . . . they really messed with me! What’s up?

So you believe that MacDonalds is illegally tainting their food so as you to eat more of it? Is that about right? You heard it from somewhere so it must be true?

I suggest you see a doctor. Only a doctor can determine if any alleged condition is actually physical, or something else. McDonalds food is not the problem.

Yes, you were drugged by McDonalds.

Allow me to introduce you to the guy who is convinced he was “gassed” because that is the only possible explanation to sleeping a long time after being awake for 30 some hours and travelling on an international flight.

No, he wasn’t jet lagged and tired… and no you weren’t just plain hungry.

You probably had a lot of simple carbs, in the buns and fries, and a big load of them will cause your blood sugar to spike and then it comes crashing down, whereupon you are hungrier than ever.

Wait. Did I just read this right? You heard that McDonald’s drugs their foods? I’m not sure what’s worse; you believing that or you taking your kids there despite believing that.

You’re dead.

I always feel hungry after eating McDonald’s (I only go when with a group and when they all insist on going). I wouldn’t immediately put it down to drugs though, just that it’s poor quality food. I don’t know if there’s any scientific basis behind it, but it strikes me that my body is basically asking for more nutrition when it complains of hunger after McDonalds.

I know a lawyer with a hot cup of coffee in his hand who can help you sue McD’s! :smiley:

You’ve got those free test subjects living in the house with you. Drag those kids back to McDonald’s and force them to start chowing down!

Or just look around at the other tables in the McDonalds and notice that nobody else is doing what you said you were doing.

I have heard such reports, usually around Burger King, but really any fast food. One thing that comes to mind is that the person is craving real ‘homecooked’ food, and something unexplainable about the fast food lacks that quality - perhaps the quality of home and family which is the hidden craving that food is trying to fill, the person overeats trying to satisfy that craving, but can’t get enough.

McDonalds fills me up just fine. Especially if I get fries with that.

Do your kids not know what they like to eat? How old are they?

McDonald’s sits in my stomach like a giant lump of grease. I do like it fine, but a double cheeseburger keeps me satisfied for hours, especially if I add fries to that. I’ve never experienced the phenomenon you described.

There’s only one possible explanation: They only put drugs in the OP’s food.
Seriously though, it’s a pretty ridiculous first assumption to start thinking they must have drugged the food to want you make more. McD’s food is made of the kinds of stuff that humans crave (fat, sugar, starch, salt) often beyond the limit of their self-control.
You want more because you’re the descendant of humans for whom these foods were not so abundant or easily obtained - for whom the craving to fill up while it’s available was a survival adaptation.

If the food were drugged, wouldn’t your kids have eaten everything you got for them? So, that implys the McDrugs only work on adults. :dubious:

As a kid going to McDonald’s meant a 60 mile drive and a shopping trip at the nearest City. Right before we left for home my parents would take us there. I used to always get bad headaches afterwards and always associated it with the food.

I now realize it was more the act of going hungry, eating all those simple carbs and then crashing. However, part of my conscience still irrationally associates McDonald’s with headaches - and I don’t eat there. I don’t enjoy greasy foods anyways.

This guy found McDonald’s all too filling: Super Size Me - Wikipedia

Maybe an employee that does illegal drugs spit in the food. It happens people.

This. There’s a reason they don’t serve broccoli. The closest thing to nutrition is a serving of apples dipped in sugar.

Wait what kind of drugs are they using? I just had McDonald’s last night and, now, I’m very concerned.

Should I see a doctor? I don’t have medical insurance though.

Maybe I can induce vomiting.