All right, I’ll make it plain and simple for you. I want a meal. I don’t want to wait in line and listen to one of your teenage slaves hawk “upgrades” to my meal in monotone. I don’t want to have plastered onto my plate a picture of some upcomming movie, some kid’s TV show, or (ironically) some sports star. What’s the fucking problem, you can’t sell your own product without some kind of unrelated backing? And for those obease kids, why the hell would you need to put a toy in with the meal? Does this mean your product wouldn’t sell without a piece of plastic as incentive? And that plastic trinket is one of six in a series, to insure return business.
In fact, without the recommendation of sports stars and the insistance of commercials the food looks below par. If nothing else, I wish that the meal on my plastic tray looked half as edible as the one on the tube. You look hungry sitting on that couch watching TV all day, grab a burger.

Ok, got it. You’d like a meal. Would you like to supersize it?

How about a tasty baked apple pie? They are 2 for a buck!

[sub]limited time offer. at participating stores only. some restrictions apply. see store for details

do not taunt Happy Fun Pie[/sub]

Upselling. Veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry annoying.

It’s one thing to say, “would you like the meal?” fine, no, thanks.

But when they say, after I have clearly stated, “I’d like a Big Mac, please” “What kind of drink would you like with that” or “Would you like to Supersize it?” it grinds my ass. Dunno why, just does.

Then why are you going to McDonald’s?

Why eat that shit and why support that culture, it’s sooo last century/former eastern bloc-chic?

friedo is g_d.

I’m sure you’re aware that the folks behind the counter are only asking because their managers expect them to do it. The only reason the managers make the employees ask these questions is because their managers expect them to do it. The truth is, neither the employees or the in-store managers give the slightest fraction of a shit whether you want it supersized, or even if you want fries. This sort of upselling/suggestive selling bullshit exists everywhere you go. You can’t make any electronics purchase without being harrassed to buy the damn extended warranty. I used to work at an office supply store, and God help us if we didn’t ask the customers if they were interested in purchasing the extended warranty. I hated trying to sell them as much as I hated having to suggest meals and upsizing when I worked at Burger King. If the higher-ups who imposed these forced sale tactics onto their employees ever set foot inside the actual places their corporate offices represent and worked a day in them, they’d see how flawed this sort of attempt to generate more revenue really is. Sadly, they’ll never realize it.

Try eating in an actual restaurant instead of a toxic waste dump. If enough people refuse to eat that shit, perhaps it will finally disappear.

No they can’t

Now you’ve got it. The kids can’t taste or smell the food on the TV - They can see the toy though

Yep. We’ve got a pattern going here

Actually even with the recommendation of sports stars and the insistance of commercials the food looks below par.
Do the Mac and figure it out for yourself. The price you have to pay for your food also included the price of the trinkets, endorsements, commercials and other gimics that do nothing for the taste and quality of your food. The only thing in your favor is the sheer volume of goods sold by this corp keeps the price down somewhat. But its still bland, over-hyped, low quality food.


Let’s all never eat there again. I’ll lead the way.

I am NOT following Dung Beetle to his/her next meal.

Got it in one.

Working a drivethru is a thankless job, folks. I don’t know a single person doing this who would be there if they weren’t paying him.

And if he could find a better job, he’d still be outta there.

But there are bills to pay, so he stays there and he takes your friggin’ order.

And the boss makes it VERY clear that he’s LISTENING to how you deal with these customers, and you ARE going to try to get them to supersize EVERY stinkin’ thing, and maybe get an apple pie to boot. Because roughly five percent of your customer base is simply going to say “sure” to any proposition you make. And the chain wants that extra money.

And if you don’t do it, you will be replaced by someone who will.

Believe me, no drivethru person in the world really gives a doodle about whether or not you get the damn fried apple pie. It’s all part of the great soulcrushing pressure of Big Business, folks… on him, on you, and on me.

Have a nice day. Would you like fries with that?

When my husband gets “upsold”, he says “YEAH! Gluttonize it!”

Anyway, I find it obnoxious. “I’d like a large coffee please and that’s all” “Would you like a fresh, hot cinnamon roll?” “Yes, please. And shove it up your ass, please!”

Yep, we had to upsell where I used to work too, and woe betide us if we got caught not doing it. And, this is the thing, it didn’t matter what you came in to buy. If you came in to buy a newspaper, we were supposed to try and upsell magazines, the bestsellers upfront, etc. It sucked, but it wasn’t by choice.

Damn that was hilarious. Very rarely do I literally laugh out loud when I read stuff on the 'net…this was a rare exception.


I love McDonald’s, and eat there at least six days a week. (It turns out that a good super-sized McChicken meal is cheaper and more filling than anything tasty I could buy and make for myself for lunch or dinner). The food there is delicious and one doesn’t have to waste time cooking when one could be studying instead - my most productive reading happens while I’m stuffing fries into my face.

If you think McDonald’s is crap food, that’s fine, just don’t eat there. But why spend time ranting about a restaurant you don’t want to go to?


That tactic didn’t work for Microsoft Windows; it’s definitely not gonna work for McDonalds. :wink:

This just isn’t true. In fact, offering a super-sized package with large versions of the high-profit items has been a major profit generator for the big fast food companies, and the data show that instructing line employees to remind customers of the existence of the “deal” and asking if they’d like it does in fact increase uptake of the packages, all else being equal.

I like McDougal’s food. If I ate there every day, I’d probably weigh 300 lbs, but I do indulge once in awhile. And yes, the upselling is very annoying.