McRib returns

At least, to West Texas and New Mexico.

Our station just received the commercials announcing McRib available.

This subject seems to pop up every few months (the last time was 10/17).

Think more legs, and furrier.

D’oh! I mean,

Think smaller…think more legs.

Its back here in the southeast as well.

I just put the pedal to metal and didnt look back…

When they brought them out in 1981, I was eleven years old and thought that they were the best thing ever. (They came with free chemical handwarmers in my market, too. Score!)

I was disappointed when they brought 'em back last year – they taste less like ambrosia than I remembered, and more like Spam marinated in equal parts Kraft Barbecue sauce and corn syrup.

What a drag it is, getting old.

Not to mention ‘Crusty’ :smiley:

I could never understand why they put pickles on them.

Pickles, normally, are good on anything. Current McD pickles are merely nasty. Twenty years ago their pickles were radioactive. Somehow that would be appropriate on a McRib.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Mmm, barbecue sauce and corn syrup.

Think of them as taste calibration…

If you don’t know what “bad” is, you can never hope to know what “good” is.

I remember when they came out. I thought they were awful. But then again, a kid’s palate is different that an adult’s.

What’s really strange is I can remember where I got the one I tried. Musta left an impression on me. :smiley: