McVeigh and Padilla (AKA Abdullah Al Muhajir) Connection?

A buddy of mine was talking tonight and he claimed that he heard that McVeigh, Abdullah Al Muhajir, and Adham Amin Hassoun who was just arrested today apparently had some kind of connection, and that all three stayed in the same hotel the night before McVeigh blew up the bomb in Oklahoma and that phone records show him calling one of them. Now, I know that there were all kinds of unproven allegations at one time that McVeigh had connections to Middle-Eastern terror groups, but no reliable evidence ever turned up. Anyone know if any of this is true, or has my friend been listening to too many conservative talk radio shows? (I’m guessing the latter.)

Not “conservative columnists”, Tucker–“conspiracy theorists”. Here’s a rundown on the current state of the theory. Evidently Jose Padilla (a.k.a. Abdullah Al Muhajir) is supposed to be the Oklahoma City Bombing’s “John Doe #2”.
BTW, Terry Nichols’ ex-wife was named “Lana Padilla”, so I’m assuming this is where the Tinfoil Hat Brigade got the idea for linking “McVeigh” and “Padilla”.

I found the following article:

Including this confession:

Um, I don’t see where either of those links has anything to do with Hassoun, or with Jose Padilla, who is American anyway, not Iraqi. It’s dealing with Terry Nichols’ supposed links to Iraq.

So, what’s your point?