Is the dirty bomb suspect John Doe #2?

Are this guy and this guy the same person? What are the odds of two different people looking that much alike and both being in the domestic terrorism business?

Your second link doesn’t work, but the answer is still no.

This link may work. Look again.

It’s because they’re clones!!! CLONES!!!

Zwaldd, I was hoping someone would bring up this subject. I’ve been mulling this over this possibility myself. According to this artical there is a journalist following a Bin Laden / Timothy McVeigh connection. However, she’s not getting much support. I personally would like to see some serious investigation along these lines.

The second link in the OP is working again. Put the two pictures next to each other and tell me that isn’t the same person. The features are identical. What’s the use of a police sketch if you can’t ID someone from it? Especially if the suspect is arrested for plotting the same kind of crime.

Similar, sure. Same guy, not really.

Don’t forget to add in the time factor and change his age.

I’m thinking that this is a stretch.

A real looooooooooooooooooooong stretch.

Wasn’t John Doe #2 just a fat kid who was in the Ryder truck office within a few hours of McVeigh? And the clerk got confused about the timing? And got thrown by the, er, huskiness of the youngster?

Yes TheeGrumpy you are right that is what the FBI now believes happened.

The main problem I have with this scenario is why wouldn’t McVeigh rat out OBL (al-Queda)… Unless maybe he was a patsy?

But the theory relies a lot on Nichols trips to the Philippines while Ramsey Yoseff was there, so he would have to know (for this part of the conspiracy to work) and why would Nichols still be quiet now?

McVeigh as a young man was already following the militia lifestyle and going down that path, Nichols had a mail order bride from the Philippines, occams razor says that there is no Al-Queda/Oklahoma conspiracy, and that is what I think.