mea culpa, Swiddles, mea culpa...

I knew I shouldn’t have done it. It was stupid & evil. (resurrecting the Swiddles Patron Saint Thread)

Actually, I was curious to see how quickly SR would respond to it.

There are better ways to get her attention, though. :eek: whew!!

So, DON’T post on that thread. You can post on this one and scold me, though; I’ve been banished to Hell and lashing seems appropriate.

foolsguinea, once-swaint, now banished by the patron saint of patron saints to HELL.

Wait a second…

Can she do that?

Of course she can. And if you’ve incurred the wrath of Swiddles, it might be the safest place to hide out for a bit. Her minions are everywhere. You can still post, though, even Hell must have a T1 line by now. You’ll need a coin for the boat ride, dress is summer casual, and if anybody offers you a few pomegranate seeds, my advice is decline, politely. Off you go, now.

And, uh, leave the Cheetos.

You are not the first, and I fear not the last to post to that damned thing. I’ll forgive you, as long as it never, ever happens again. You’re just lucky I’m too tired to build up my customary wrath.

You know, for someone with the power to bestow cannonizations, you’d think I’d be getting tithes, huh?

Welcome to Hell, foolsguinea!

I know it’s not much to look at, but I call it home.

Over to your left you can find the thermostat. Sorry but it’s busted at the moment, so the temperature might be a little higher than you’re used to.

On your right there’s a counter where they sell genuine bottled Styx river water. Don’t bother, the bottles won’t open.

If you want to pass the time you can help Tantalus roll that boulder up to the top of that hill. Watch that last step, though, it’s a doozy!

Finally, Satan and Persephone and I are having a Hell Dopefest a little later. You’re welcome to join us if you’re still here.

Can’t you just excommunicate them or something?