. . Meaning

Sometimes I’ll see a thread with a post that has two side by side periods and nothing else. Why do y’all do that and what are you telling me?



I wonder that myself! Good question!

On Weather Underground, it’s done as a way to “remove” a post when you are inside the edit window…you can’t delete it, but you can delete the content. Maybe it’s being used similarly here.



Or their reply to a subject is a quote from another source. They use the quote box plus two dots to make up the 2 character minimum post (characters in quote boxes don’t count).

Or they want to follow a thread, they don’t know how to subscribe to a thread without adding a post, but they have nothing to say.

I’ve seen walls of text from people with nothing to say.

The dots are far superior.

Usually I see “nm”, which I assume is “never mind”.