Meat made from human shit - does this count as cannibalism?

I suppose if all the proteins, carbs, and fats are from the bacteria, then it’s no more cannibalism than eating food that was fertilized with dead bodies (or shit).
But I wonder if some of the proteins come from the dead blood cells that makes shit brown? Then that’s cannibalism, right?

(And no, even if it’s 100 percent safe, 100 percent NOT cannibalism, and the most delicious food ever, and I’m dying of starvation, I doubt I’d eat shitmeat. I think I’d eat raw human flesh first.)


  1. the eating of human flesh by another human being.


  1. the soft substance of a human or other animal body, consisting of muscle and fat.
  2. muscular and fatty tissue.
  3. this substance or tissue in animals, viewed as an article of food, usually excluding fish and sometimes fowl; meat.

(there are other definitions but I think they are not pertinent)

It’s no more cannibalism than oral sex is.

I got turned on by this sentence i cant explain why.

No, if your going to worry about a few stray dead human cells, then anything handled by people will have some.

it vampirism!

CMC fnord!

No, if anything it’s coprophagia. Shit is not meat.

Additionally, I bite my fingernails and the skin around them, and would not even remotely qualify myself as a cannibal.

Where do you draw the line?

Fertilise your veggie garden with human waste. That doesn’t make you a cannibal. The cited technology is very little different. One is reminded of the very old song On Ilkley Moor Bar T’at.

The colon sheds an inner layer of cells with each load of digested contents, so there are certainly real human cells there, not just food residue.

It’s a product of the human body that is not flesh and doesn’t result in the death of the human (usually). If that’s cannibalism then every little breastfed baby is a freaking cannibal.

I knew there was a reason they seem so creepy.

No. Unless flushing shit is suicide.

Eating human doodie burgers probably isn’t cannibalism, but they still won’t be on Wendy’s value menu any time soon.

I wonder though, if a populations diet consisted entirely of reclaimed waste, what would their sewage be like, and could the same levels of nutrients be reclaimed from it perpetually?

How about a shot of amniotic fluid? Anyone?


Soylent Green provides a more well-rounded diet, BTW, if you’re going to accept it.

A while back there was a thread here about if you were stranded on a desert island how much of yourself could you eat before succumbing.
A perfect GQ Straight Dope topic.

There’s a Stephen King short story about that too.

Shakespeare’s early play Titus Andronicus has two brothers made into pates. Doesn’t Sweeny Todd?
In any event, as in Soylent Green, the feces is still in there.

You wouldn’t have a closed loop. Let’s say that 10% of the nutrients can be salvaged in the process described. After four loops through, you’ve only got .01% of what you started with. Only if you continue to supplement the society’s diet with 90% “new” food can you maintain that system perpetually. It’s not all that different from fertilizing plants - they get some nutrients from the fertilizer, but you get a sustained food supply only because the plants are pulling in new energy from the sun.

Anyone up for calculating what percentage of starving Africans could be fed by the ummm, proceeds, from masturbation? I’m thinking that US high schoolers alone could feed a small country. About as icky as it gets - but a lot more people ingest semen than poo, accoriding to my calculations.