Would you eat a burger made from poop?

Would You Eat a Burger Made from Poop?

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. For those too squeamish to click on the link, the good doctor Ikeda is actually holding up a baggie labeled “shit burger”.

I have to admit that I haven’t watched the video yet, but in my defense I just ate dinner and I’d rather not taste it again.

not while I had at least one other option.

How do they make the buns? Pinch off a loaf?


What is wrong with you people? If a situation were so desperate as to make reasonable a choice, off-menu, of feces, it’s so desperate that one might as well starve now, rather than later. Fuck no, I ain’t eating no shit burger. I ain’t even touching that shit.

ETA I didn’t see the quoted segment on reply – yeah, I’d eat me some shit if it had nutritional importance, and, if I had my druthers, it were irradiated, or something.

I saw the video a couple days ago. It’s very difficult to get over the psychological hurdle, even though I’m sure it’s perfectly safe and sanitary. Mushrooms are grown in compost that’s partially comprised of shit too, and plenty of people eat those.

However, until they figure out a way to filter out the little chunks of toilet tissue, I will not be partaking.

There’s only one possible name this should be marketed under.

Soylent Brown.

No. No, no, no, no, no. The stuff still LOOKS like shit. I bet it SMELLS like shit.

They say it’s more expensive, but may be brought down to the same price as real meat… so then WHY NOT THE HELL EAT REAL MEAT???


Where’s the option for “I’d do it for ten million dollars, tax free?”

All food begins with organic material that has passed through digestive tracts.

That’s a long way from eating shit.

That’d do it for me.

Yeah I’d try it. It’s refined, reclaimed protein mixed with other stuff like soy, flavorings, etc. By definition you’d have to remove all the nasty stuff from it first to even make it a food. after that protein is protein, though I doubt I’d be tucking into it as a regular choice.

Wouldn’t be my first choice but for a dare or survival, no problem.


Real life channels a prank… this is way too similar to the “hamburger recycling program” that The Yes Men championed in a fake presentation to highlight the dismissive way that first world nations treat third world nations. If you’ve not seen the first Yes Men documentary, the presentation shown in the film is on YouTube.

Exactly. Why does it matter where the protein comes from? A lot of food comes from things I would normally consider gross if I had to recover it. Seeing as I’m not a vegan, I don’t have a problem with that.

I just bet it doesn’t taste any better than any other artificial protein source, so I wouldn’t eat a ton of it. But I’d try it, and not just to say I’ve tried it.

Surely it will be like recycled urine, i.e., cleaner than the usual alternative.

Man, and I thought last week was a real shit sandwich for me.

You’re on a “roll”, buddy! :D:D:D


Whatever they want to call it, it’s not a burger. Why would anybody make this or eat it? There are some truly dumb fucks in this world.

I wouldn’t eat it if it was made from my poop. What the bell was that guy thinking? He must have shit for brains.

I find his picture slightly disturbing, too. He looks way too serious. I’d be laughing if you gave me a poopburger to hold.