Meat slicer recomendations

I’ve often thought sandwiches could be made from left overs. Pursuing Amazon, there is a great variation of price.
Can anyone recommend a meat slicer for home use?

Since the OP is looking for recommendations, let’s move this to IMHO.

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You should be very cautious about purchasing any meat slicer not made for commercial use. The home use versions I’ve seen are flimsy, the blade is too small, and won’t cut. Do you have a lot of left over bologna? Because if you’re thinking you’ll neatly slice through roasts and steaks with a small unit you’ll be in for a big surprise.

Get a sharp knife with a thin flexible blade instead.

What about the “commercial” slicers?

Slicing off high heels will dull the blade.

I should imagine so!


Hobart sets the bar for commercial slicers. Used Hobarts start around $400. I can’t make any particular recommendation but I’d go to a used restaurant supply to look for one instead of ordering sight unseen online. Unfortunately online sales have cut into the brick and mortar used restaurant supply businesses but there should be at least one near any large city.

Cabelas / Bass Pro sells slicers for folks who do their own butchering. I bought one a about 5 years ago. Blade diameter is about 10" or so.

Worked well. Like this one:


Globe is another brand to look for if you’re into commercial slicers. I have an old used Globe deli slicer that is just nuts. I use it primarily for making Italian beef and Philadephia roast pork sandwiches, and that sucker shaves things almost see-through thin without a second thought. I paid $200 for mine, but that was through a generous friend who was getting rid of his (which he bought used $400 from a store that went out of business, IIRC.) Looking online on Craigslist, I can find the one I have for $350. (Though mine is in better condition.) So have a look-see at Craigslist.

But that’s probably overkill for most people. Most. :slight_smile:

I have one - not a commercial grade one, but a home one, paid around $130 for it if I’m remembering correctly. It’s not as flimsy as the one TriPolar has experience in. That said, I don’t use it much, for the following reasons:

  • it doesn’t cut paper-thin, even with the fanciest of fancy additional blades I’ve purchased. Given that one of the primary reasons I bought it was that I wanted to cut dry-cured salami so thin you could practically see through it, this was a disappointment. That said, it cuts normal-thickness bacon, bologna, etc just fine.

  • The primary reason I don’t use it, however, is that it’s a frikkin’ pain in the ass to clean. Sure, it cuts quickly. But it doesn’t cut much better or thinner than I could do with a sharp knife, and did I mention it’s a pain in the ass to clean? I’m talking minimum 15-20 minutes to disassemble it, clean the little nooks & crannies in the main unit, clean the slicing blades without cutting my hands open, clean all the little doohickeys and gadgets, put it all together and bring it back to its storage space in the basement.

I pretty much pull it out nowadays only when I have a LOT of meat to slice - 3-5 pounds minimum - and I want somewhat thin cuts. Think a slab of bacon, cut into normal bacon thickness. If the OP is just talking “let’s slice up a pound of leftover ham”, invest in a good knife. Between the slicing and the cleanup, it’ll be quicker, and once you develop those knife skills & buy a good knife, you can use it for a bazillion different things.

Thanks, everyone.
I can buy at lot of large, sharp knives at the Asian grocery.

Restaurants go out of business all the time and SOP is to liquidate all of their fixtures and equipment. Find an auction site like and you might pick one up cheap.

This is what you want:

12" Granton-edge slicing knife. Commercial quality and razor sharp from the factory.

I bought one several years ago, and got harassed for my wife about it until she had to slice some stuff, and then she realized just how awesome that knife is for that.

Bizerba if you got the dough

When you have bought a half-decent knife, you will want to keep it sharp. I bought one of these a few months ago and it is brilliant.

That is pretty steep; my Daddy’s oil stone is around somewhere.