Meatloaf Sandwich: Better Than Sex?

I was going to post this in Great Debates, but figured those humorless bastards over there would bounce it.

I made a meatloaf this weekend just so I could make sandwiches out of it this week. I feel that a well-made meatloaf slice between two slices of sourdough bread with mayo and a little spicy mustard, topped with iceberg, beats sex hands down. Consider the following:

A MLS is less messy than sex.
A MLS doesn’t require any sweet talk or foreplay.
You can do it alone without any associated guilt.
There are no odd aromas emanating from an MLS.
A MLS doesn’t expect you to call it afterwards, and doesn’t care if you fall asleep.
A MLS is deeply satisfying without the necessity of emotional involvement.

Your opinions?

Agreed, with the sole caveat that a slice of tomato replaces the mustard.

What about some kind of barter system?

“I’ll give you a meatloaf sandwich, and in return, you give me sex that is as good as that sandwich tasted”

Sounds like a fair trade to me :stuck_out_tongue:

haven’t had either in a while

While meatloaf sandwiches are terrific, I still think I’d prefer sex. But hey, to each his own, right?

Well, there’s a certain emotional and physical release with sex, to be sure. But quite often, if you feel like another round in a few hours, chances are you’re outa luck.

But you can always have another sandwich.


I’d rather have sex with a meatloaf sandwich. Why fall prey to a false dilemna?

Damn you! Chefguy Now I have a giant craving for a MLS and I’ll never get to have one because the wife absolutely hates MeatLoaf.

Boston Market is your friend, VenusProbe.

A MLS is not better than sex, but sliced bread is in trouble.

Ohh…I have a Boston Market right down the street! Never saw the MLS on the menu before, but then again I never really looked for it. GUESS WHO’S GETTIN’ ONE TONIGHT?!

Crap! Now where’s the shopping list? I have a sudden craving for cold meatloaf sammiches, and I know just who to blame!

Stonebow SO better not show up in this thread!

Kidding! We like meatloaf, and have been known to follow a good romp with a tasty sandwich! The best of both worlds!

I have a huge meatloaf in the oven right now. I purposely make enough for sandwiches the next day too.

Some purists insist that soft white bread is the way to go but I disagree. I like whole wheat, mayo and a bit of salt n pepper. Lettuce and tomato would be nice but not necessary. A slice of bacon on it would be even better. Serve with a cold beer.

86 the mayo and change that beer to a big glass of ice cold milk, and I’m there. I’ll bring the potato chips. And pie.

I make an incredible horseradish meatloaf with a bourbon-and-cornmeal crust. However, if sex for you is not better than meatloaf, you’re not doing it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve started making meatloaf at least twice a week, because my SO loves it and he eats those horrible cold-meatloaf sandwiches the next day. I can barely stand to watch. Heck, I can barely eat the stuff when it’s fresh and hot, let alone cold. And no, I have no idea how he makes a sandwich from it, because it’s cold and nasty and turns my stomach to even look at it.

And I ALWAYS get offered sex afterwards. After the original dinner, and again after the leftover one. Ya suppose my meatloaf is some sort of aphrodisiac? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…sex…then a sandwich. As long as it’s not a prerequisite, I guess that’s okay.

I just finished my lunch. Two HUGE slices of bakery sourdough (round loaf, with requisite chewy crust), with the aforementioned ingredients and some pickles for good measure. Chips on the side and a cold root beer (milk, sadly, is not tolerated well by my aging system).

I also like hot meatloaf with mashed potatoes and lots of butter. The Ms. always insists on a salad on the side, but it seems somewhat subversive. I suppose one could have mashed potatoes (and even butter) with sex, but the cleanup would be a bitch.

Now, a Meatloaf sandwich with this would not appeal to me.

I likes me a big ol’ meatloaf sandwich, but I’ll take sex over food any day…

One of my fave meatloafs is the kind you make with bbq sauce. For the sandwich, a toasted roll, mayo and a bit of slaw or lettuce. Damn, it’s good!

…but I’d still rather have sex. No contest.

This meal is a staple around here, but we usually go with steamed broccoli, instead of a green salad, followed by ( you guessed it ) sex. We’ve always indulged in a strange sex/food relationship. Cooking is like foreplay for us.

ps- use unsalted butter. It’s nicer on the skin. :wink: