Media too pro-muslim?

I’m gay and athiest, but I come from a Hindu background.

Islam is generally conservative and far-right. It’s strict, anti-feminism, homophobic, cruel, etc… And takes us back to the middle ages.

Why on earth should it be unacceptable to be islamaphobic?

I keep coming across posts and articles complaining about “Islamaphobia” as if it’s their right to have freedom of speech/religion but not anyone else’s!

They have AlJazeera and the Middle East, why on earth do they need liberal support?

Furthermore, I’m tired of people who scream Islamaphobia at anything vaguely anti-"person of muslim background ".

Muslims in Europe tend to come from countries like Pakistan or Africa, and they refuse to integrate like East Asians or Hindus. They have large, uneducated families. They form a proportionately high percentage of the prison population, mainly live on poverty/welfare, heavily involved in crime and disorders/riots. They are similar to the worst side o Blacks or Latinos, and that’s nothing to do with Islam and it’s not Islamaphobia.

I even get accused of being Islamaphobic when I say things like “second generation tend to find North Indians unattractive, and therefore Pakistanis would be considered undesirable”…

Although (almost) no media outlet is pro-terrorist or pro-oppressive regime, they try to differentiate between being against these bad people and demonizing the other 2.something billion folks who happen to go to mosque instead of to church or temple.

What’s different between the way we demonize Republicans and their relationship with Christianity, and Islamaphobia? I even remember church-burning resulting in nothing more than a “meh”.

That is almost a good analogy. No one blames Christianity in general for Republican rhetoric, although they do blame the sects and fringe churches for helping feed the evil.

And historically, it’s Black churches that were burned.

The core of the issue is that Muslims are a minority in the West. Modern liberalism has ensconced itself in the philosophy the “minority experience” is necessarily bad and the result of historical white oppression.

Thus, while Muslim immigrants often reject the liberal-secular culture that we live in, and often hold repressive views with regard to women’s right, gay rights, and the role of religion in society, they are still under the umbrella of “oppressed minority.” As such, we should go to great lengths to console the Muslim community and not make them feel bad that other Muslims around the world represent the sort of antiquated, repressive things we as the “West” abhor.

As pointed out in the OP, it is striking to see liberals defending a religious culture that runs so counter to all the humanist advances made in the past century: they are defending anti-liberalism in the name liberal tolerance.

I’m sure it exists, but I can’t recall many positive depictions of Muslims in the media over the years. Corporate media mostly wants you to be afraid of them. In mass entertainment they long ago replaced the Russians as the new official enemy. Do you think Homeland, America Sniper, Zero Dark City, Black Hawk Down, or The Hurt Locker are pro-Muslim? Nevermind video games.

I think the last time I saw broad sympathetic coverage of Muslims in the media was the start of the immigration crisis.

You probably don’t want to ban white Christians from your state, send them to CIA black sites, or bomb them. Another idea is that Muslims don’t have privilege. Liberals tend to defend the underdog, especially perceived victims of Western imperialism.

Moral relativism is supposedly a dead horse, but it’s interesting where the lines are drawn when you do see it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone say well, that’s just the way they do things down in Alabama, who are we to judge? Do you think they’ll change if we outsiders criticize them? We’ll just be hurting reformers there if we’re seen as meddling.

It’s striking to see conservatives opposing the U.S. Constitution, running counter to all of the ideals this country stands for. They are defending the destruction of our secular government in the name of nationalism.

In this country we have the right to worship as we please, or not worship at all. Yet one segment of our citizenry seeks to silence another. And even people who are not part of the target group have been injured and killed, or caused to be killed, by ignorant people who follow the much more pervasive anti-Muslim media.

Nobody is silencing anybody. Everyone is expressing their opinions under government-protected freedom of speech.

Where did that entire strawman come from…?

Liberalism should be about freedom and equality.

Neither Islam or positive discrimination is working towards that ideology. It’s unfair for Islam to receive such high levels of positive press when most people would naturally scorn at Islam for being too conservative (eastern religions tend to be liberal). I don’t see anything positive on conservative Hindus or Ba’aths, despite the fact that they have generally taken the quite route in the US.

Also, equality is about treating people colorblind, looking past their race and judging people on character. I don’t see why being Muslim should be considered positive by liberals, when Christianity is generally scoulded by liberals.

Really, freedom of speech and religion only for Muslims? Where are you reading, that you keep seeing this?

From a prior thread, the OP finds Pakistanis to be ugly and is looking for reasons to justify keeping them out of the British fashion and music scenes.

Emphasis added.

No? Just simple bigotry then?

Why would a gay atheist like yourself have anything positive to say about conservative Hindus? They’re generally about as retrograde on gay rights as conservative Muslims and conservative Christians.

But of course if Hindus collectively, or people thought to be Hindu, were being attacked and discriminated against, the same principles would apply.

Not seeing a lot of space between this thread and the one you started in IMHO a few weeks ago. Can you tell us what the difference is?

I want to see a few of these pro-Muslim articles that the OP thinks are unacceptable.

There’s a widespread and reasonable perception that some media outlets seem to like Muslims a bit better and let it influence their perceptions. For instance, in 2011 Anders Breivik went on a shooting and bombing spree in Norway that killed 77 people. The New York Times wrote:

As Horrors Emerge, Norway Charges Christian Extremist

The Norwegian man charged Saturday with a pair of attacks in Oslo that killed at least 92 people left behind a detailed manifesto outlining his preparations and calling for a Christian war to defend Europe against the threat of Muslim domination, according to Norwegian and American officials familiar with the investigation.

This characterization of Breivik as a Christian fundamentalist demanding a Christian war was totally false.

In 2013, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, then committed further crimes while attempting to escape. The same New York Times wrote an article about the Tsarnaev brothers which managed to not mention even the possibility that they were Islamic terrorists. It turned out they were, of course. And Rolling Stone published a glamour cover with Dzhokhar.

Or for another example, one need only compare the massive freak-out about the possibility that a pizza place in Indiana might not cater gay wedding if asked (although it was never asked) to the seemingly small interest in the fact that gays are punished with death or imprisonment in almost all Muslim countries. Those fact, and other like them, might give some people a slight impression that the mainstream media occasionally tips it coverage more in favor of Muslims.

This gets into the concept of tiebreakers: When it’s women’s rights vs. Islam/minority rights, who wins the tiebreaker?

prison, poverty, crime, etc. So similar to the worst side of whites or other people, right? What does “Blacks or Latinos” have to do with it? Isn’t the ‘worst side’ of all us pretty much the same?

Here is an example of “you see what you want to see.” I see mostly negative press toward Islam. I’m not sure where you’re seeing the positive press.