what do I do about racist ethnic mods on major forums?

I’ve been trying to post threads on several forums over the past few weeks in order to voice my concerns about Pakistanis and pro-pakistani racism.

But every time I post, the same mod (different on each forum) at the same time (presume due to time zone) always takes down my post. The only posts that get taken down are those critical of Pakistanis, and those that are outright racist against other ethnic groups are allowed by these same Mods.

The posts I’m trying to post right now involve:

  • pro-pakistani racism and pro-muslim racism by media (a.k.a positive discrimination)
  • pakistani mods being racist to South Indians

I’m British and S.Indian myself. Pakistanis have a bad reputation here but I swear I never come across them online and let alone on forums.

Are you meaning these forums? Or some other site?

Can you show us a sample of a post that was disappeared?

Since the OP will receive opinions as answers, let’s move this to IMHO from General Questions.

samclem, moderator.


Double huh?

Racists gonna race, yo. Ain’t nothin’ you can do.

The original poster is Indian and is from a country at an almost state of continuous war with Pakistan.
The posts will have been deleted as they constitute “racial hatred” which is illegal in most civilized countries.

Consider that it might not be what you say but how you say it.

If you would be so kind as to provide us with examples of your writing we can run it past our crack team of ghostwriters and editors. We just might get something publishable out of it.

Of Pakistanis in general? You do realize that if that’s not outright racism, it’s something so closely related that the difference is only semantic?

And you do realize that you have no right to post on any messageboard at all, that the owners and admins and mods of the messageboard have every right to take down your posts for whatever reason they want?

Here’s the solution: quit that messageboard, and don’t be critical of entire nationalities/ethnicities/races.

I would suggest you avoid posting xenophobic/prejudiced/whatever opinions on those “major forums”.

You might be allowed to use that sort of language on white supremacist forums. But, if you are Indian, they will probably consider* you* just another (ethnic slur).

People who call into conservative talk-radio shows wanting to share liberal views do not get put on the air. People who write to liberal publications espousing conservative views do not get printed. It’s their ball game, so to speak, and they’ll run it as they please.

The practical solution is to find other forums. Accept the fact that the ones you describe are biased and you cannot change that. Or beat your head against a stone wall – it hurts more but it’s much less frustrating. Your choice.

Or you could start your own forum. How badly do you want the world to hear your opinions?

I cane across this thread on the History forums. Indeed it does seem that some Pakistanis hold southern Indians in contempt as having a less civilized history.


Reason behind lack of fortifications in the Punjab region

It’s gone to the local equivalent of a cornfield.

Lets try this link…

Reason behind lack of fortifications in the Punjab region

Its at Historium/the chamber/history…maybe you have to be logged in to see it…its also available on tapatalk

It’s not sure racial hatred like I’m going Nazi Hindu on them, but more like I’m voicing concerns about things Pakistanis are doing against South Indians - like on this thread. Some of them are posts where I type stuff conflicting their lies.

What happens is something like: I post this thread on this forum, then a few hours later I come back to see that the thread has been taken down. I try to post the thread again, but come back the day after to find that the thread has been taken down by the SAME mod at the SAME time. I try another forum and the same thing happens, and on another one is the mod is openly Pakistani!

Since they take my privileged away or IP block me, I’m often left fiddiling about trying to create a new account.

Well, they don’t want you posting that stuff there. Post something else, or somewhere else.

“Openly Pakistani”

The nerve! Has he no shame?

Yeah, I mean, it’s ok for people to be Pakistani behind closed doors.

I worry more about states in the US that allow concealed Pakistani.

And again, if you give us actual examples we can help you with your presentation, or at least provide some higher grade mocking. We prefer to belittle ignorance rather than delete it around here.

It’s time to see the writing on the wall. They don’t want to read your criticisms or analyses, and there’s nothing you or we can do about it. This is reality. Please accept that.

It has nothing to do with truth, facts, right, wrong, or any other criteria you might wish were in place. It has to do with the fact that it’s their forum and they choose the content to their satisfaction. End of story. Move on.