Medical advice involving testicles (definitely TMI)

This is a rather embarrassing question but I’ve searched many sites in the last few days and I think it would help to hear some opinions.

 First I want to stress that I called my doctor and made an appointment to get everything checked out. I just wanted to get some information to help calm down. For about 8 months now my testicles have been slightly tender. If I bump them in the shower or lay wrong it's mildly uncomfortable. I put off going to the doctor because a) I think this all started around the time I switched from briefs to boxers b) I've always read that testicular cancer is painless c) Both of my testicles are tender, not just one d) I've checked multiple times and there aren't any lumps or swelling, they're symmetrical, and they don't feel hard. Basically they feel completely normal.

 I finally called the doctor today and told him the entire story and he set up an appointment for late next week. While the fact that he didn't feel the need to get me in quickly comforted me at first, now it's torture. If anyone has any information that could maybe put my mind at ease for the next week it would be greatly appreciated.

It could be something as pedestrian as varicose veins. You can get them in testicles.