So Why is My Right Testicle Hurting?

Yes, I’ve given myself an exam (no lumps or anything else unusual) and I’m going to see the doctor about this (later on tomorrow), but given that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac I’d like some ideas of what the heck could be causing this (other than the “big C” of course).

As for my symptoms, well, yesterday, it started feeling like someone kicked the hell out of it, but I’ve had no blows to the family jewels, and I wasn’t doing any heavy lifting at the time (though I do a lot of heavy lifting on my job). The level of the pain comes and goes (but doesn’t increase when I pick anything up), and touching my nut (or anything else in the general area) doesn’t add to the pain (though raising it up does make me feel better).

I’ll put $5 on “Tuckerfan has a hernia.”

I’m not a doc but a few things other than the “big C” come to mind. It could be that you’ve contracted mumps, or your testicle might have become twisted inside your scrotum, or it could be epididymitis…an inflammation of the epididymis. Or it could just be a good old case of “blue balls.” (Have you been gettin’ enough lately? :wink: )

And there are more possibilities, but these should be enough to show you that your symptoms can be caused by a lot of fairly benign ailments.

Let us know what you find out. Good luck.

It sounds a lot like what my husband experiences when he has bouts of epididymitis.

Testicular cancer is relatively rare, and usually painless when first detected. So it’s probably not that. If tylenol and/or ibuprofen don’t relieve it and it lasts overnight, contact your doctor.


I’ll vote for a hydrocele. From this website:

I had this problem back in my late teens, with occasional recurring bouts with it. Keeping my abdominal muscles in good shape has prevented any repeat performances for the last couple of decades, thankfully. The fact that elevating the scrotum relieves the symptoms is what leads me to this notion. Then again, I may be full of it. Your doctor will tell you what’s going on.

I’ll vote for calling a doctor. It could be a lot of things—when I had that pain it meant kidney stones—but only your doctor could tell you for certain.

Starving, ain’t gotten any for a long time, but I’m not to the point where a milling machine gets me hot 'n bothered.

Qaddie, so what you’re saying is to take two aspirins and call you in the morning? Sheesh! I thought that you guys stopped giving out that kind of advice in the 70s when the joke got old. :wink:

Emergency room. Now.

Could be your wiring to the testicles is all twisted up. This means you (may) have lost blood flow. You can loose one or (more commonly) both. You don’t that to happen. Trust me, I know.

Go, it is probably nothing, but go. Take a magazine.

Meh. It’s highly likely that I’m already sterile (long story, TMI), so it’s not like I’d be losing a whole heck of a lot, if you know what I mean.

Go see a doctor.

My testicles are destroyed (you don’t want to know) and as a result I have a nice intramuscular injection every two weeks, blood tests every six months and a nice bald spot.


Sounds like epididymitis to me (husband had it) but IANAD.

Probably no big deal at all, but it could be a strangulated testicle, and that requires a fast trip to the ER.

I hope it all works out for him.

It could also be a varicose vein in or around the testicle.

Have you been eating nothing but pizza lately?

IANACH (I Am Not Abbie Carmichael’s Husband) but I had epididymitis, and let me tell you, that’s the worst pain I’ve ever had. I mean sitting on the edge of the tub near the toilet waiting to puke it hurt so bad.

Get thee to a doctor, young man.

ZebraShaSha, I’ll give you such a pinch!

(And allow me to add my voice to the “You’d better be posting from your doctor’s waiting-room” chorus, Tuckerfan. Don’t muck about.)

And the winner is: Pulled groin muscle! Thank you, very much.


Pulled groin muscle? Damn. That happened to me a few years ago. I was working an active job at the time - small package delivery - so it was a pretty serious problem. I though for sure I’d herniated myself.

Warning: You’re going to have to take it easy, or that could take months to heal. Mine dragged on (so to speak) for over a year before it completely subsided and went away. Not fun.

Feel better!