can u sprain ur testicles?

this is not a joke
nor is it a curiosity question
this is very serious
im in serious pain here and i want help badly
i dont know how this happened but suddenly one day my left testicle started paining very badly even by slight movement. right brother is fine.
i think this could be because of some exercises i was doing(such as push ups, pull ups etc). i know its not hernia.
pls help

Zub: I suggest you see a doctor without delay.

Here’s one possible explanation for your symptoms.

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Moving this question to General Questions. And see a doctor.

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Years ago I picked up a heavy amp and put it in the trunk of a car. Then I went to take a leak, which I needed to do badly. Couple days later one of my boys started to hurt like a sumbitch.

The MD told me that I had likely pushed some urine back into a testicle when I had lifted the amp. (I remember the incident because I really had to go and the amp was really heavy.) No long term effects and no real treatment, just a week-10 days of some serious pain.

But that’s just me. Get thee to a doctor, pronto.

The link Jackmannii provided pretty much describes what happened to me a few years ago for no apparent reason. I woke up one morning and pain hit. Hadda call an ambulance, and by the time I got to the hospital I was begging for painkillers.

Simple operation, overnight in the hospital, a few days of walking more like a cowboy than ever, and everything was back to normal.


Think about this. Do you really want to trust the fate of your two most important bodily organs to the advice of some folks on the Internet you’ve never met and only recently started communicating with? If severe testicular pain isn’t important enough for a doctor’s appointment, then I don’t know what is.

Don’t be embarassed about talking to your doctor about this. They’ve seen it all and heard it all before.