medical question about tilted cervix

Mrs seekingtruth here.
can anyone cite a link that refers to getting pregnant with a tilted cervix? positions, technique, etc.

This isn’t for porn amusement, just looking for medical cites.

Well, I had three successful pregnancies with same (a.k.a. “retroflexed uterus”), no problems getting pregnant.

No special techniques required, either. Those sperm cells sure can swim. :smiley:

But you want a cite? Ok.,1511,7651,00.html

Try looking for uterus and retroversion, anteversion, retroflexion, etc.

The uterus, and hence the cervix, are often tilted, particularly after child birth. It is common, and a very rare cause of infertility. My understanding was that the standard positions and techniques usually worked. Cervical causes of infertility usually involve abnormal Pap smears, cryotherapy, DES exposure in utero or conization. If there is postcoital bleeding due to the tipped uterus, I guess you’d have a case but I think this is pretty uncommon.

I would ask your gynecologist, but again in most cases this would nto be the limiting factor. IANAG, and if you heard differently, I’d ask for advice from the source.

Thanks alot for the help I appreciate it

Gah, reminds me of one of the silliest things I saw in medical school.

I was on call with Ob/Gyn and we get a call that there is a girl coming in from a rural hospital with a 16 week abdominal pregnancy. That’s a baby growing in the abdomen, not in the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are fairly common in general but to have one in the abdomen is rare. To have one grow to 16 weeks is basically unheard of. But these doctors said they had ultrasound pictures of a 16 week fetus in the retrouterine space (that is, the space between the uterus and the large intestine)

Of course, it was a normal pregnancy (although unplanned) in a retroflexed uterus.

My maternal grandmother had ten children with a “tipped uterus”.

Mom had four.

Somehow, I don’t think the configuration of internal organs was much of a factor.