Medical Question About Urine

First, let’s dispense with the usual disclaimers:
You are not my doctor.
You are not my healthcare provider.
You are in no way responsible for my state of well-being.

I’ve observed an unusual occurrence on four separate occasions, all of them post-exercise. Last Friday I went to the gym, and I walked there and back. Sunday I went to get a haircut and walked there and back. Monday and today I went to the gym, and again walked there and back. Three of these times the exercise was strenuous, but one of the times (the haircut walk) the exercise was leisurely.

After returning home after each of these four occasion, I noticed that my urine was off-color. At first, I thought it was due to the presence of blood. My second thought was that it wasn’t nearly red enough to be so. I would expect bloody urine to be crimson; this was much more of a cloudy light yellow with a touch of clear pink. The very next time I urinate after each of these instances, it appears normal again.

Is it likely this is blood?

That sounds like a urinalysis could be in order.

Do you have any symptoms of urinary tract infection such as pain or burning upon urination or cramps in the bladder area?

Go to the Doctor.

If my patient told me he had those findings, I’d suspect a few things, including microscopic hematuria due to exercise, and I’d order urine tests.