Medical Question: No Buttcrack?

      • Another board I go to has members who collect x-rated amateur webcam photos of people with unusual physical features, and post them under the general heading of “WTF?”. Somebody posted a picture of a rear of a person (gender not clear) showing their butt, and they didn’t appear to have a buttcrack. It looked like possibly scar tissue was flat across the rear, or it could have been a good photoshop. The person appeared normal in other respects, no visible tattoos or piercings common to the BME-zine crowd. … -I suppose any injury is possible (though some are rather dreadful to even imagine) but is there any medical condition where this type of scarring is or was a common outcome?

There was a woman in my district whose asshole got elected to public office. Maybe it’s a picture of her.

Let me get this straight: No crack between the cheeks?

Someone surgically removed his/her “taint”, leaving him/her with a single, fused mono-cheek?


Sort of like Beldar Conehead?

Theuy can do amazing things with Photoshop and other photo manipulators these days. I know – I’ve seen it on other sites.

As I pointed out in this thread:

you need a butt to keep you upright. You need independent buttocks if you want to work your legs independently. That means a Gluteal Cleft (I hate the word “buttcrack”) unless you want one leg pulling the other one.

      • Not entirely, but mostly. It looks like scar tissue around the edges of the extra part, which was why I asked.

Well, my uncle doesn’t have an anus. It was sewed up and fused shut after he got his colostomy bag. But he still has two cheeks.