Medicinal properties of semen

Cecil just did a column addressing the question, “Is semen an antidepressant?”.

I don’t know, other than from Cecil, about that. I can address another of the reputed properties of seminal fluid, however. I know personally two ladies who were of the firm belief that seminal fluid, ingested orally, was a sovereign remedy for sore throats and cold-like symptoms.

This was proclaimed by one friend of mine from the late sixties, and was later tested and reaffirmed, some years later, by another mutual friend.

Don’t have any idea how widespread this belief may be, nor how thoroughly tested the hypothesis may be.

Anyone have related data, or even anecdotal evidence?

One of the things I don’t see mentioned in either the article or the research is the possibility that it isn’t the semen or that it isn’t the semen alone that causes any perceived change.

There are huge chemical, psychological and emotional changes that occur when women orgasm.

While I am not a researcher I do have a certain amount of anecdotal evidence to support this. :-)>

Have a great day folks.

Of course, their procurement of semen comes with no requirement that they experience an orgasm themselves – which has long been one of my least successful pick-up lines.

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I just thought of the perfect title for this column: “Cheer up Honey”.