Medieval history: Snorri and the fall of the Icelandic commonwealth

I’ve been reading up on Snorri Sturluson recently and came across the suggestion that as well as being lawspeaker three times, possibly writing Egils saga, writing *Heimskringla *and the Prose Edda, owning Reykholt (a place I really want to see) and having a multitude of affairs, Snorri was a collaborator in ending the Icelandic Commonwealth.

From my reading, I learned that Snorri was once court poet to the young Norwegian king Hakon Hakonarson and a close associate of Earl Skuli, Hakon’s regent. It seems that he liked the idea of being the king’s skald and loved the idea of union with Norway. One of the men who assassinated him was Gissur Thorvaldsson, who was under orders from King Hakon to kill Snorri. But how much was he actually responsible for the end of the Icelandic commonwealth? Was he really an active collaborator? In a discussion on TV Tropes I mentioned Snorri’s name and a fellow troper called him a collaborator with Norway.

I’ve just read Nancy Marie Brown’s Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths, sand I suspect you have, too. Brown’s book seems to be the most recent and detailed book on Snorri in English, and I don’t read Icelandic. AFAICanRecall, she doesn’t say. Nor does the Wikipedia page.
Brown has a blogsite that’s pretty interesting, and gives constant updates, but a quick scan doesn’t seem to show anything on this question. You might try writing to her:

Digression: I’d love to learn to read Icelandic!