Medieval: Total War help needed

Ok, I get towards the end and then rebellion breaks out everywhere, slowly destroying my armies. If I play as the rebels do I still have to deal with this? If I show mercy to the rebels will there be less rebellion? This is turning a fun game into a bore-fest.

I noticed that too. I got within 2 turns of conquering everything, and on the penultimate turn, something like 75% of my provinces rebel on me, including all the core English areas (I was playing as the English), which had NEVER revolted.

I even tried putting huge garrisons in England in hopes that I could just start over, but they rebelled anyway.

I think it’s a bug of some kind, or maybe some programmer’s bad attempt at making a statement about world conquest.

One workaround is to leave one territory of each enemy’s alone and surround it with well-defended forces. That way you’ll avoid the rebellions that could otherwise pop up in random territories. Then, on your last turn, simply invade them all at once. The rebelling armies tend to have ridiculously strong forces, but keeping them to one territory will hinder the number of troops they can field.

Easier said than done of course…

Yeah, I think I’m going to try the play as rebels cheat and see if that works. Is TW:R as bad?

Holy crap, I just realized that my last post made no sense.

Let’s see if this can be parsed:

Rebellions (in this case when the ruling line tries to reassert itself after all of its territories have been conquered) only occur when there are no soverign territories left. If you leave only one territory under their control, the rebels, by definition won’t attack. If there is only one territory that is surrounded by well-garrisoned territories, they won’t attack because one territory won’t be able to support a conquering-strength army. On the final turn (the turn when you plan to take over every territory), simultaneously invade them with your garrison forces.

Or, you could just play the glorious achievements mode.

– Do you have a good navy to keep distances between provinces low?
– Did you break the chain of naval communications between your king and the rebelling provinces the turn before the rebellion?

(The above refers to unhappiness rebellions, not Last Heir rebellions, but I suspect distance MAY have something to do with those as well. And the rebellions in England couldn’t be Last Heir rebellions, only civil war, unhappiness, or bandits.)

Other than that, I can’t help ya since I never get “last heir” rebellions, except when I take over the Papacy. And I’ve never gotten a civil war. This despite playing the game enough to win with the Byzantines at 1107 (not a typo; however it was %60 not %100 territories)

However, a friend of mine is playing with an earlier patch than mine and gets those Last Heir rebellions a lot more than me, perhaps it’s the version number.

I rarely had much trouble with widespread rebellion in the late stages of M:TW, though there were a few incidents. But I never refrained from wiping out a faction’s last province. On the contrary, I annihilated my opponents with glee.

It’s frequently the case that all those northeastern provinces have really marginal loyalty to begin with, what with usually being the wrong religion and newly conquered to boot. Two sorts of events are likely triggers for widespread rebellion. First, your king dies and the successor has significantly worse statistics, and particularly lower dread. If you had a large group of provinces (like those central Asian ones) just barely pacified, this can tip the whole lot of them into open revolt. Second, your king gets isolated on an island. A surefire way to get a rebellion is to have a province with no path to the king, which happens somewhat commonly with places like Rhodes or Cyprus if a storm sinks the ship you have in that zone. If the king had been on the island, the whole empire would have no path to the king, and you’d have rebellion all over the place.

They toned the rebellions right down for R:TW. You just don’t get them unless you’re really neglectful and don’t watch your towns. Lots of people have complained in the later stages of campaigns that you need ridiculous sized garrisons and so forth. These problems (and a load more, mostly to do with the combat IMO) can be cured with the awesome
Total Realism mod.

Ahhh yes, the “Weak Successor” rebellions. Forgot about those. Altho I still say that keeping a widespread navy will do much to prevent those.

And if you’re playing England, there’s no reason not to have a large navy, especially if you’re going for %100 of the territories. %60 you can get away with, if you are prepared to take risks in order to conquer it in as little time as possible, but if you’re playing England or Italy there’s no other reason not to pump out ships.