Mediocre, No Matter What

I’m on a bowling league. I love bowling, I really do. No matter how hard I try, though, I am a consistently mediocre bowler. My average runs about 120. My teammates like me, because I’m nice, don’t take myself seriously, and I’m good for our handicap.

I’m not fishing for bowling tips. What I’m wondering is if there’s anyone else out there that has this “chronic mediocrity” problem. Something that no matter how hard you try, you never quite seem to raise above the level of “okay.”

Have a nice day, and wish me luck. Tonight’s my bowling night. :slight_smile:

I share your bowling pain.

Actually, I’d like to share your bowling pain more, since the boi doesn’t like to bowl. :frowning: But I usually run about a 140, and, strangely enough, I hit my highest score when I was drunk. I have a printout, so there’s proof!

Bowling advice? Drink. It makes you… um… more relaxed? Better judge of those little lane arrows? Anyway, it works for me!

sniff I want to bowl!

I can’t drink right now, otherwise believe you me, I would. I’m really, really pregnant. Like due in two weeks pregnant.

Oh yeah…why did I hear from a gozillion people the last time I was pregnant “Oh, you’ll bowl so much better!” I certainly did not.

I can’t blame my bad bowling on pregnancy, though. I’m mediocre all the time, PG or not. Sigh.

Hey, sometimes bowling isn’t for you. Nothing to be depressed over. You probably have talents in other areas.

I know how you feel.

It’s terribly depressing, but after a while, you just learn to live with it.

Mediocre Me: My best friend ,Catte, is a much better writer than I. When we were all still single, my friends were the ones who attracted all the cool, intelligent, yummy guys. I got stuck with the disgusting morons. No matter how cute I was, I guess they were just cuter. (more cute?) Unless it’s just me and my husband, I’m generally the least intelligent person in the group.

Et cetera.

So, you try optimism. My house is always cleaner than their’s. So’s my kid, for that matter… :slight_smile: Small comfort, I know, but it’s something, right?

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Look on the bright side; only the mediocre are always at their best.


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

I actually quit bowling because I was frustrated at my own inability to be as good as I wanted to be. It takes money (for new-fangled equipment and practice) and time (for practice) to get better at bowling, and I had none of either.

Yer pal,

Sounds like my golf game…

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.